How To Write a Customer Review

Reading product or service reviews is one of the best ways to know if a product is worth buying or not. With products like computers, electronics, and even cars, reviews can outline the good and the bad points that prospective buyers should watch out for. With services, reviews can point out whether an establishment has acceptable service or not. These might include restaurants, hotels, and other service-oriented establishments. Service reviews might also include customer services that a business provides to its end users.

There are professionals who write reviews for established websites, newspapers and magazines. These are often professionals or enthusiasts in their respective fields. For instance, professional photographers would write reviews of cameras, lenses and accessories. Auto enthusiasts would review cars on magazines or television shows. The popularity of user-review sites has made it possible for the regular consumer to post and publish reviews about personal experiences and observations with products and services. This way, reviews are more diverse.

If you intend to write a customer review about a product that you use, here are a few pointers that you might want to keep in mind.

Where to post. The first question when writing a consumer review would be where to write it. If you have your own blog, then by all means you can post a review there. This would be especially useful if your blog’s topic is related. For instance, if you run a gadget blog, then it would do good for you to write gadget reviews there. Otherwise, there are a handful of sites out there that cater to reviews by users. These include, and Some online magazines that have editorial reviews might also welcome contributions from customers, such as and Amazon.

Identify the product. With the slew of brands, models and variants out there, it’s always a good idea to identify a product by its brand, model number and variant. Some brands might have different names for their products in different markets, so it’s also a good idea to include where it was acquired or intended. For instance, a laptop model in the US might be named differently from the equivalent model in Europe.

Identify the specifications.
Remember that model numbers and names might be cryptic. To make it easier for readers to identify the item you are reviewing, be sure to describe the exact specifications of the product you are reviewing.

Point out the pros and cons.
Reviewing is all about highlighting the good and the bad points, after all. Be sure to separate raves and rants. At the end of your review, summarize your key points, and separate these according to the good and the bad.

Include a photo. The internet is full of product photos meant for press releases. This means these are probably professionally taken, and the products are shot from their best angles. Sharing a photo of the product yourself, from different angles, might help other prospective buyers make a decision on whether to buy or not.

Give a verdict. Is the product worth buying or not? Give your impression here. You might want to qualify your answer, so that you can specify if the product is good for certain markets, but not necessarily for others.

Writing a customer review is a big service to yourself, fellow consumers and even companies that make the products. For one, you get the chance to share your thoughts and opinions on a certain product. You also gain insights and knowledge that you might find useful when you buy other products. For other consumers, they can get views and opinions even before they buy products. Companies can use reviews as a basis for how they can improve subsequent releases of their products.


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