How To Write a Letter to Increase Sales

The best sales letters generate more leads and sales than you can handle! We all receive sales letters which are trying to sell a variety of products. Most of us read through and throw them away, while others do not even bother to open them. The burning question therefore is what do consumers look for in a product? How should a good sales letter read? How to get the attention of your prospective customers and make them get in touch with you? This article gives you some good tips on how to write a sales letter.

  • Understand the needs of your target audience. Once your letter reaches the decision maker, it is important that your letter has the exact same message as per the customer’s needs. Check to see if the service or product that you offer, matches the needs of your client. Avoid pitching to the head honcho of the company, when all you’re trying is to reach the marketing department.  
  • Ensure you get to the point. Most people do not have the time or patience to read through lengthy sales letters. It is a good practice to get your point across in the first two lines, rather than beginning your sales letter with a hazy, general story where you might risk losing the reader’s interest right way.
  • Be clear and concise. A crisp note always gets the point across effectively. Most prospects make quick decisions based on the lettering – so be clear and concise.
  • It’s not the features that sell, benefits do. A smart customer always wants to understand how a product will benefit them. Most business persons make the error of listing all of the features of a product. A better and more effective way is to list them with benefits for the end-user. For example, the feature of a word processor is that it helps your writing and edits the content electronically, so you don’t end up typing the whole page again. The benefit here is, it helps increase productivity and saves time.
  • Personalize. Sending form letters is outdated hence personalize every letter you send. Maintaining a good rapport comes naturally if you write the same way as you talk. The genuine and warm appeal in your tone will read just the same as your wording or writing style and will make a lasting impression.
  • Simplify, avoid jargon. Not all readers will understand your advanced vocabulary. Avoid jargon and big words, use simple language at a grade-school level to communicate. Simple words are better read and well understood.
  • Avoid lengthy paragraph writing. Short numbered or bulleted points get your message across better than lengthy paragraphs.
  • Limit the response time. Creating a deadline always increases the rate of your clients’ responses as you give them limited time to act.
  • Make a ‘risk-free’ offer. A risk-free offer only gets more attention as you are letting the client(s) try out your product(s) before they buy it.
  • Toll free numbers. Offering a toll free number and free consultation to your clients in case they need more information on your product, will have your telephone ringing 24/7.

Lastly, offering guarantees gives your product or service creditability and integrity; be it follow-ups, customer service, delivery, etc. Also, actively soliciting client feedback speaks more about your efficient services and creates satisfied end-users.


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