How To Write a Website Slogan

With so much people logging on to the Internet, it is no wonder that most businesses have turned to creating a business website to promote their brands, products, and services. Some businesses and entrepreneurs have even focused achieving their profit goals through online transactions as well. However, building and maintaining a website that will attract, hook, and pique the curiosity of the target market is not that easy to accomplish especially now that there are thousands of website all vying for the same market that you are hoping to capture. Well, one aspect that you can enhance for your website that will help achieve what you sought out to accomplish is the website slogan. Here are some tips on how to right the perfect website slogan for your online business.

  • Consider using a .gif banner. The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the format and easy loading of your website slogan. Traditionally, most websites just input flash based banners for their website slogan. Now, this is well and good and probably the best choice if you are looking to exude a sleek and sharp image however, if you really want to enhance its effectiveness, you will want it to load quick and easy whenever a person goes into your website through an ad posted or through a quick search through Google. Flash banners are quite slow to load. Use a .gif banner instead to contain your website slogan. They load quickly even on computers that utilize low speed Internet access.
  • Design an effective logo. Website slogans are used to build a brand. You really can’t build a brand if there is no logo to define the brand in the minds of the consumer. Design a nice logo with colors and shapes relevant to your slogan and, if possible, your products. Make sure to insert the logo with the website slogan in a way where both of them will complement each other.
  • Write a slogan that is short and relevant. When writing the slogan, you will need to consider a few things. First off, you will want your slogan to be directly relevant to the product or brand you are building and selling. Examine your product and consider using something positive about it when writing the slogan. For example, say your slogan is for a beverage. One option you can ponder on for your slogan is “beat the heat. Drink this” or something to that extent. If you will notice, the slogan is relevant to the product. At the same time, it is important for a slogan to be short and direct to the point but still maintaining clarity.
  • Write a slogan that is catchy. Most of the known brands around the world like Coca Cola, Pepsi, McDonald’s, and Microsoft all built their brand through a catch phrase that stood out and captured the minds of their respective markets. This being said, if you want to be in the same league as them, write a website slogan that is catchy and appealing. Something that will stick.

Make sure to write several options and get an audience to critique and choose the best one. Testing out the effects of your slogan on the people that will see it is a great way to ensure that the slogan will work on your target market.


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