How To Write an Advertising Script

The business world is all about survival of the fittest. Companies achieve high sales rate amidst tough competition because of effective advertising. They rely on competent writers to provide scripts in various forms of media.

  • Identify the type you need to work on. TV and radio have different ad structures thus requiring a different approach in scriptwriting nevertheless two columns will work for both. For radio, the first one is to be filled with sounds effects while the second is for the actual lines of the voice talent. Make it a point to highlight sound effects via bolding or underlining schemes. If you want to work consumer eyes mark the left column as video and the right as audio. Put all the necessary descriptions on the left and lines/sounds effects on the right.
  • Less time equals better ad. You can achieve this by organizing your thoughts. Stick with short statements that can clearly deliver the company’s message. Bear in mind that you don’t have the luxury of time. Make sure that lines can be read within the provided timeframe. Beginners can come up with a 90-second showcase. As you move along it’s best to limit your product to about 60 seconds. If you want to keep in step with the best in the industry 30 to 15 seconds will do the trick.
  • Hit your mark before the race even starts. People have the tendency to believe in single-themed and firm ads. Avoid confusion by giving introductory statements that bump into each other. You must understand that the prime aim is to get people’s attentions. This can only be achieved if you can execute the most persuasive act at the start. This is not enough to get the job done though. Make sure you can supplement your bold point with something equally dramatic.
  • Maintain stability and activity. Watch your tenses especially when you are negotiating with a visual audience. Make them feel that they are part of the events taking place. Enhance your ad by adding in moving images. This will give the product a fresh and engaging identity. Bear in mind to make each step of the journey entertaining without compromising the character of the company.
  • Put your ad to the test. Just like any other profession you have to work day in and day out to ensure mastery of every method and procedure. Make a habit of doing these simple practices to upgrade your skills.
    • Write about a product or service that you aspire to be sold.
    • Do the recording. A computer or conventional recorder can be of help.
    • Serve as your ad’s critic. Bear in mind objectivity is of utmost importance. If you have a hard time pointing out your weak spots, then ask a friend or relative to judge.
    • Make the necessary changes after ample feedback.
    • Go through the process until you reach your desired form.
  • Have your way with the right software. Advertising software is designed to make writing easier and enjoyable. Look for applications that offer less editing trouble because of built-in formatting features.

The best way of doing your job is to make things fun and free-flowing. Believe in your talent and you’ll be on your way to the top of the mountain.


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