How To Write an Agenda

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Having an agenda can save you time and stress. It allows you to plan the specifics of a meeting ahead of time so that everything important will be included in discussions. And everyone involved will thank you for the organization an agenda brings to a meeting, helping it to move smoothly and quickly. Enjoy the benefits of an agenda by following this guide on how to write an agenda.

Step 1

Prepare in advance. The whole idea of having an agenda is so that you're prepared for the meeting ahead of time. So take the time to jot down items to be included in the meeting. It's also a good idea to send around an email to all those included in the meeting to gather any topics that they would like discussed. Do this at least 2 days in advance of the meeting.

Step 2

Put the topics in the best order. An agenda should help a meeting to flow smoothly. It's your job to ensure that this happens by putting the discussion topics in the best possible order. If a few items can be combined, do that. Then organize the things you want to discuss in order of importance and time. You can decide to get quick topics out of the way by putting them at the beginning of the agenda. Then include key items that are important to discuss and will likely take the most time. Or vice versa. It's your preference whether you put the biggest discussion topics first (so that you can be sure they are dealt with), or near the end of the agenda (so that you can be sure that nothing gets excluded from the meeting). You'll quickly find which method works best for your company.

Step 3

Type up the agenda. Produce a professional agenda by quickly typing it out in your word processor. Include the names of all those attending, the date, and then number each item to be discussed at the meeting. You may also wish to allocated a projected amount of time to each discussion topic, so that you can formulate a guess as to how long the meeting will (or should) take. Check the agenda for errors and then forward it to all those who will be attending the meeting. (You may have to make a few alterations to the agenda you've written once you receive feedback about it from your colleagues. Ensure that each person has the most up-to-date electronic version of the written agenda before the meeting begins.)

Step 4

Copy the agenda. Several minutes before the meeting is to begin, photocopy the agenda for all those attending. (You don't want to do this much sooner than the meeting time because there will undoubtedly be changes made to it. Save a tree!) Distribute the agenda to your colleagues as they enter the meeting. And provide an agenda to anyone recording the meeting minutes for you. It will help her to organize her work.


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