How To Write an Effective Grant Proposal for Your Non-Profit

A non-profit organization addresses certain matters in the immediate community that need attention. It may be as simple as forming a self-help group with your friends or a charitable institution that teaches homeless children. A non-profit's primary goal may be education, health, or other important humanitarian matters. These organizations can be exempted from taxes, and they often gain funding and resources by writing grant proposals to convince foundations and other sources to fund their cause. It takes a very convincing proposal and a worthy cause to gain the resources needed for your non-profit organization. Here are some steps in making that very crucial grant proposal.

  1. A grant proposal usually requires a cover letter. Include the needed information about your application, the goal of the funding, and  reasons why the foundation should fund your non-profit's program. It is important to include the needs of the program, a breakdown of the needed funding, a timeline that maps the program's goals, and information on evaluation tools you will use to monitor the performance of your non-profit.
  2. Have a team construct the grant proposal. With all of these parts to be considered, it is important to let a pool of pertinent people in your non-profit work together, to make the proposal as presentable and convincing as possible.
  3. Provide pertinent information about your non-profit. Make sure that you are able to give a very clear description of your non-profit. Introduce your executive director, as well as the board, along with the qualifications of the requestor. Provide an overview of your non-profit's financial status and preliminary budget. That way, the foundation will have a picture of the people behind your non-profit and how they have been running the organization.
  4. Provide a summary. It is important to make a summary of the key points in your proposed program and an overview of the program's operation.
  5. Review your proposal. The proposal should always be checked thoroughly. Check it for possible errors in formatting and content. Have the proposal reread by top executives of the organization for suggestions and comments. After making the necessary adjustments, the grant proposal can be submitted for review.

First impressions make a big impact when it comes to a grant proposal. It is one of the keys to making your cause a reality and further expand your non-profits reach. It takes meticulous work, an organized mind, to present everything properly down to the last detail. And with these tips, it can definitely give you a big lift for your worthy cause.


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