How To Write Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

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They say that the field of marketing is the lifeblood of many companies. It is the only money-generating department in any industrial set-up. But would a company’s marketing cycle end in selling the company products? Definitely not, products need improvements both for the company and consumer's benefits. But how would a company start these improvements? The initial step that these corporate animals undertake is to get consumer feedback on their products through conducting surveys. In other words, the measuring rod used by the companies is the survey response. If you were the one tasked to formulate the survey question forms, how would you do it?

Below are steps on how to formulate survey questions for a customer satisfaction survey that would effectively reflect public responses towards the product.

  1. Keep it short and simple. Keep your survey questions short and simple so your respondents would take them seriously. Remember that in this fast-paced world, time is really important not just to you but also to your respondents. Making long and complicated questions would only result to boredom, which in turn would force your respondents to hastily answer the questions. When this happens, you will not be able to extract the answers that will show their satisfaction. Or, it will only yield inaccurate results. 
  2. Kind of survey. Now decide what kind of survey method you’ll use. It has to be one that will help you get the results you want. In other words it should be in line with your goal of getting the satisfaction of your customers. The best method for this purpose is the rating method. In this, you will ask the respondents to rate a certain aspect of the product. In the questionnaire you will provide a scale where the respondents rate that specific aspect. The scale of 1-5 is the best scale as it provides a midpoint of every response.
  3. Include only the necessary questions. Determine only what questions are necessary, those that will be yield the data you need. Remember to include questions about the quality of the product, its usefulness, the practicality, etc. The proper questions to be asked actually depend on what kind of product you have. Whichever way, it will be helpful if you’ll browse question samples on the net.  
  4. Group the questions based on category. When formulating questions, it would be easier to go by category. For example, dwell first on the questions pertaining to the product’s quality, and then move on to the its usefulness, etc. You do not need to do a separate usability survey of your product. Questions relating to its usability may be included in the survey at hand as one category.
  5. Leave a space for comment. Lastly, leave a comment space. Your survey questions should include a comment space where the respondents may put additional reactions, suggestions or constructive criticisms useful to your product.

Going a little overboard, that is, going a bit farther than just marketing the products, is most of the time the secret of successful companies. The consumers are the only generator of a company’s income. They are the only reason why companies are alive. It is but proper to improve the products for their sake, for their benefit. And this will only be possible through survey questions. But note that what is needed is not an ordinary survey question. It should be one that will really reflect the pulse of the public concerning the product. Otherwise, efforts will be futile, defeating the very purpose of conducting a survey.


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