How To Write on Black Envelopes

Isn't it intriguing when you receive a letter in a black envelope? Aside from its uniqueness from the boring and traditional white letters, it gives you the idea that it is something out of the ordinary, especially its contents. With this same notion of almost every letter receiver, black envelopes have been popularly used across the globe.

So instead of using brown envelopes, green envelopes, pink envelopes, silver envelopes, and other colorful ones, people always find it amazing to send and receive letters in black. However, it can be a challenge for people to write effectively on black envelopes.

Though this is a common problem, people are creating a solution to this. Follow these tips to learn how to write on black envelopes:

  • Use colorful pens. Though everyone is almost acquainted with using black-ink pens for formality and professionalism, this approach will obviously not work for black envelopes. Yes, this may be best to for use in brown envelopes and green envelopes. However, you need to be extra creative in the choice of pen color for the black ones. It is actually best to use a calligraphy pen in either silver or gold. Or, you can experiment on other pen colors as long as the inks will give you a little glossy or glittery appeal.
  • Use clear labels. If you don't trust your handwriting fully, you can actually get clear labels and print them with lighter color of fonts. You can make a trial and error of what kind of color printout will best match the blackness of the envelopes you got. However, it is a good idea to print it with bold letters in a silver text color. That will look pretty nice.
  • Use foil labels. There are available silver and gold foil labels that can work well if placed on top of the envelope. You can experiment either with printing it with letters in great fonts or you can write legibly on it.
  • Using crafted white labels. Though white labels might look odd on black envelopes as compared to how good they look on pink envelopes and silver envelopes, doing a little art in it will make it appear great. You can think of various designs like floral, lines and other kinds that will match the theme of whatever is inside the envelope.

With all these ideas, you can grab black envelopes to make your letter stand out from the pool of white envelopes that usually contain bills and notices. Don't just place the letters in the standard white envelopes, use your imagination to effectively use and write on black envelopes.


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