How Virtual PBX Services Work

Making Your Small Business Look Bigger

Anyone who has been into a large building and visited a company that has multiple offices knows how a PBX system works, but how does a virtual PBX service work? PBX is an acronym for Personal Branch Exchange and you all know the phones that accomplish this. They are the big bulky black ones that have the ability to have calls placed on hold, then transferred, then picked up, then transferred again, etc. Until recently this type of luxury was only for big businesses, but with the implementation of companies such as Virtual PBX, now even the smallest of businesses can achieve a big look and feel.

Here's how virtual PBX services work:

Step 1

Pick a number. First you choose a phone number and this phone number can be a local one with your local area code pre-fix or you can choose a toll free number with the prefix of 800, 888, 866 or 877. If you like, virtual PBX lets you choose both.

Step 2

Create extensions. The next step in the process is creating extensions for you and all of your employees. These extensions can be linked with any phone that you or your employees have and you don't even have to be in the same office or room. You can have calls routed to a cell phone, home phone or any other phone.

Step 3

Create messages. Now you create your incoming message and messages for all extensions and with that you are ready to go.

What the caller hears...

When a caller dials the toll free or local number you have designated, they will hear, "Thank you for calling XYZ Corp, for sales press 1, for service press 2, etc." What they hear is predetermined by you. The caller then presses the appropriate number and that call gets routed to you or one of your employees on the phone you designated beforehand and business gets done. Any missed calls go to a mailbox where a caller hears a predetermined message and can then leave a message for that department. That message can be accessed from any phone or Virtual PBX can even e-mail you the message if you like.

Basically, having a company such as Virtual PBX working for you is like having a virtual receptionist. What this does for you is create a big business look and feel for your small business. Callers have no idea that they are not calling a much larger company in some huge office building somewhere. Having Virtual PBX on your side also eliminates the need for listing multiple phone numbers in your advertisements and on your Web site. And since you can use a toll free number with Virtual PBX, you are more likely to get calls from all over the country, and even the world, as you are floating the dime for the call, not the caller.

These days small businesses need every advantage there is to succeed. With companies like Virtual PBX offering their services for affordable prices, there is no reason to not have your small business looking like a big business. The ease and cost are low, but the return can be limitless.

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