How To Find Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in the US

The term hydraulic is derived from the Latin word “hydra” which means water. Hydraulic engines are commonly used in machinery and vehicles that require a large amount of pressure to run. A hydraulic cylinder is often used in engineering machinery. It takes its power to move from the liquid’s pressure or movement. Hydraulic energy from waterfalls, rivers and other sources of water can give some communities natural energy without big consumption in oil.

A hydraulic cylinder is well known because of the strength and agility of its huge hydraulic motors that are commonly seen in construction or engineering sites. In these places, hydraulic cylinders are used in making bulldozers, backhoes, shovels, forklifts and cranes. Hydraulic cylinders also have big part in making vehicles work. Underneath your brand new car, hydraulic parts s work to get you where you want to go. They can also be used for heavy vehicle brakes.

Today, the variation of using oil instead of water is common to prevent devouring our natural resources. These liquids perform their tasks by transmitting force to put pressure on cylinders to make the hydraulic motor work. This is called hydraulic ram.  Hydraulic ram is the hydropower that takes the liquid to another head (end) with the help of pressure then outputs the water to another higher head and lower flow rate. Also with the help of a hydraulic valve that regulates the flow of the liquid that enters the cylinder, the process takes place and the motion of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled.

In the United States of America manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic equipments are very distinct about hydraulic cylinders. Most of them are still working on research on how to form a new model of hydraulic cylinder that will provide their clients all around the world great satisfaction with their product. They study to come up with ideas about the parts of hydraulic motors forming new designs that will soon be available on the market. Manufacturers and suppliers put their seals on their original hydraulic models to let people worldwide know the high quality which their company offers.

Below are some of the most popular manufacturers and suppliers from the US whose sole purpose is to offer the best hydraulic cylinder:

  1. Bailey Sales/Manufacturing Corporation. This is an internationally recognized corporation with an aim to be the most extensive manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic cylinders all over North and South America, Europe and Asia. It provides mass-production capabilities and high quality on their products leveraging their market and sales expertise.
  2. Not just a worldwide hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, but they also offer custom design engineering and manufacturing services. This is a certified member of Bailey Sales USA.
  3. Enerpac. Leader in high pressure hydraulics, Enerpac is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It manufactures hydraulic cylinders, valves, pumps, presses, bolting tools, tools and accessories. They also produce system components used in manufacturing and construction industries, productions, operation, maintenance and repair.
  4. Monarch Industries Limited. A privately owned company which was established in Canada in 1935, Monarch manufactures not just hydraulic cylinders but also pumps, mixers and custom metal castings.
  5. Hyco International Inc. Located at Atlanta, Georgia, Hyco International, Inc., is another privately owned corporation that manufactures hydraulic cylinders for Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide (OEM).

Hydraulic cylinders are the focus of studies all over the world. In some parts of Europe, America and Asia, hydraulic cylinders have become very popular especially in automotive works. Through time, some of the major manufacturers and suppliers all over the world will reach their goal of achieving their aspiration of having more efficient types of hydraulic equipment.


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