How To Detect Fake Money in your Business

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Computer technology has made numerous advances that benefit us all. However, there are also ways in which technology can have a negative effect. Because of technology, people find it easier to produce counterfeit money. The reproduction of these fake bills has become easier as the years go by. This is because technology keeps on improving. In any business, it is advantageous to have a counterfeit money detector in order to keep track of fake bills that customers may use.

Here are some reasons why a counterfeit money detector is very useful to have in your business:

  1. Your business loses money because of the fake money that was used to buy your products or services.
  2. There will be a major decrease in the number of authentic bills that are circulating due to the production of counterfeit money.
  3. It is possible for goods and services to decrease in actual value because of the circulation of fake money.
  4. You might re-circulate the fake money to other people when you buy goods.

These are just some of the reasons why a fake money detector is very useful to have in your business or even in your own home. Some people rely only on their eyes to spot if a bill is fake. Doing this is not very reliable, as fake money looks almost exactly like the real thing because of technological advances. You wouldn't be able to spot fake money from a real bill very quickly.

 Here are some of the devices that are popularly used in detecting counterfeit money:

  1. Ultraviolet counterfeit detection machine. An ultraviolet counterfeit detection machine is what you commonly see in banks, groceries and other stores. This machine has an ultraviolet light that can detect images that are printed on real money but cannot be seen by the naked eye. This is the most popular form of detecting counterfeit money.
  2. Counterfeit money detector pen. This money detector can detect fake money effectively. The pen has an iodine solution in it. The iodine solution makes a stain on fake money, as the chemicals react with the elements found on paper made of wood. Authentic bills are not made of wood-based paper. Instead, they are made of fiber. The iodine does not react with the fiber on authentic bills.
  3. MG detection or magnetic detection. Magnetic detectors can see magnetic elements that may be present in real money. The magnetic elements are not present in fake bills. This is also an effective device for detecting fake money.
  4. Watermark detection. This is a method used by most people. They hold the bill up to a fluorescent light to see a watermark that is present on real money. These watermarks may not be present on fake bills.

It is advisable to use the most effective device for detecting counterfeit money in your business so that you will be assured that no counterfeit money will pass through your cash registers. These are just some of the ways in which you can detect counterfeit money.


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