Industrial Applications for Pressure Washers

You don’t need to be too pressured to know more about pressure washers. While its name reeks of pressure, its opposite is to eliminate just that and make your cleaning life and industrial processes much easier. The main parts washers are associated with include amps, a belt drive and horsepower. For you to be able to enjoy its full benefit does not require you to know about the technical jargon but more on the practical aspect of it. In essence, a pressure washer makes use of pressure cleaning: Applying pressure on a liquid so that it will eliminate by force all unwanted elements on your surface.

Pressure washers work very efficiently for both residential and commercial use. Industrial applications for pressure washers are just as common and vital for daily maintenance of your industrial processes. Some of the popular types include the karcher washer and the husky power washer, but before you go to rated Web sites and make direct comparisons, you need to first familiarize yourself with the applications for industrial processes that come with innate washer power.

Here is a short list of the numerous industrial applications you can attribute to your trusty pressure washer:

  1. Dirt Removal - Removing dirt is the primary use of the pressure washer in the residential application, but it can also be done for industrial plants on a much larger scale. The pressure on hot or cold water (you can take your pick!) can easily remove dirt, even those that have been on the walls or floors for months or even years.
  2. Paint Preparation - Paint preparation and other chemical mixtures require speedy reactions. The instant surge of water from the pressure washer ensures that the proper timing for mixing water with the other chemicals is achieved. Paint preparation is a very tedious process, and pressure washers speed it up with its pressure and speed aptly directed to the procedure.
  3. Mold and Mildew Removal - The pressure washer does not just eliminate dirt, but also mold and mildew that so easily get entangled in your industrial facilities. In certain industries that have high safety and sanitation standards, this is an extremely handy tool to invest in.
  4. Sandblasting (wet version). Sandblasting ceases to have its proper effect if there is not a quick burst of pressurized water to cement the application. The pressure washer plays a crucial role in this enterprise.
  5. Vehicle cleanup - Delivery trucks and other means of transporting goods in an industrial plant are all subject to daily wear and tear. The best way to keep them all clean is by means of giving it some pressure washer maintenance for at least once a week or month.
  6. Splitting of flows - There are instances where the pressure washer can be used to redirect the flow of water for specific industrial processes.

With the numerous applications of pressure washers, it's is no wonder that many company moguls invest in it and are always on the lookout for the more competent brands.


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