How To Compare Inventory Control Systems

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An inventory control system is able to track objects or materials. Inventory control systems are instituted in small stores, supermarkets and even large factories. It may be used when automating a sales order process. This kind of system contains a list or orders, which in turn are referred to by workers preparing these items. The system also indicates the proper information regarding packaging and shipping of the items.

Inventory control pertains to all matters connected to the storage of items. Control of inventory encompasses even the matter of where the storage area is, how the stocks are laid out and, of course, how much stocks or the quantity of supplies and items the company has in storage. This just means that instituting control systems in relation to inventory is the application of control theory to inventory systems.

This system of applying control theory to control systems like inventory is also called control engineering. Control engineers design control systems, from within washing machines to the systems in cash registers. Modern-cay control systems make use of electrical circuits and signal processors to create control applications in various fields.

Nowadays, inventory control systems rely heavily on the barcodes. With a barcode, items are automatically identified using a barcode scanner. Motion control is one of the control systems effectively used by control engineers to monitor and control inventory systems. Automatic cameras are regularly set up in warehouses and stores as control modeling and for inventory control.

One of the control systems becoming more popular for inventory control systems is the use of RFID tags in merchandise. RFID refers to radio frequency identification where tags are placed on products, animals or even people. This is done to identify and track those that have RFID tags. There are RFID tags that can be read even if they are several meters away and cannot be seen anymore by the one reading the tag.

RFID tags are able to transmit signals. This is how they are tracked. Some tags have built-in batteries and are able to send out signals autonomously. There are also passive tags that need external power for it to be able to transmit a signal. This RFID tag is used to efficiently control, track and manage inventory. Wal-Mart is one of establishments that regularly use RFID tags on their merchandise as their inventory control system.

Inventory control systems may use wireless systems or mobile terminals for recording transactions on a real time basis or exactly the moment they happen. This is possible because a wireless network transmits a signal informing the central database of whatever transaction is occurring at the moment.

Control systems for inventory are not only limited to automatic computerized systems. Inventory systems also include warehouse management systems. The warehouse management system controls the movement and storage of goods and materials inside a warehouse. It records the shipping, receiving and storing of materials and has a system where real-time information regarding stock stored away is accessed at optimum levels. Utilizing physical inventory counting is a feature of other inventory control systems. Presently, there is inventory software available, making the task easier.


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