How To Know When to Contact Human Resources

Most employers encourage their employees to handle any disputes or grievances quickly and quietly within their own departments. Although most individuals are completely capable of handling situations themselves, there are some instances in which it may be necessary to seek additional help or guidance.  If you are facing continual problems in the workplace, you may want to take some human resources classes online to help you formulate your arguments.

Human resource departments are staffed with professionals that are well-equipped to provide assistance in a variety of different scenarios, but involving them may or may not be appropriate. Employees should consider several things when deciding whether it is necessary to contact human resources.

Minor arguments among individuals in the workplace are to be expected, and most can be resolved fairly easily. If there is a possibility of physical violence, however, then human resources and management should be contacted immediately. Any threats with a potential for harm should be reported without a second thought. Hostile work environments should not be tolerated and are not pleasant to work in.

Any situations involving theft or deception should be handled very carefully and must be reported before they are discovered by the company. Most employers will punish all employees with knowledge of such wrongdoings even if they didn't actually participate in the activity. The honor code found in most employee manuals requires workers to be completely open and honest and ensure that their co-workers do the same.

Harassment, whether it is of a physical or verbal nature, is a very serious problem in any workplace and often requires an individual to contact human resources for guidance or assistance. Harassment may involve members of management, or it may simply be between workers. No employee should be forced to put up with any type of uncomfortable relationships at work, and anybody finding themselves in such a dilemma should not be reluctant to get help.

Contacting human resources may be the best choice in any circumstance if there are members of management related to or involved with any situation. If it is possible, employees should report their concerns to their direct supervisors. There is an appropriate chain of command in many organizations that should be followed, but human resources may be able to provide anonymity and protection in certain cases. Human resource professionals are specifically trained with laws and processes in mind, so they can also serve as great sources for advice. You can also help yourself by becoming educated about legal issues surrounding employment in your state; this is easily done by taking the appropriate online human resources classes.

If an employee is ever in doubt, it is better to contact human resources whenever there is any question as to whether that is the best option.


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