How To Find Leather Watch Case Manufacturers

When  you have a collection of precious timepieces, you should also have a sturdy, beautiful container to keep them all intact and scratch-free. A leather watch case is the best container to keep all your valued watches safe. They’re also made with style. However, you just can’t buy leather watch cases from the nearby supermart or local stores. To ensure both quality and durablity, you need to buy your watch case from trusted leather watch case manufacturers and suppliers.

  1. Esslinger and Company. Doing business since 1926, Esslinger and Company has grown to be a trusted jewelry manufacturer, supplier, and service provider. They have been featured time and again in many trade magazines and feature articles, and have participated in many different trade shows across the nation every year. They also pride themselves on employing the service of a variety of experts—jewelers, jewelry designers, gemologists, technicians, watch repair experts, etc. Check out their website at They provide service and products for anything that involves watch parts, watch repair tools, jewelry making tools, jewelry boxes, supplies, etc. They even sell a watch case press—a tool used to close watch cases.
  2. The Watch Prince. A company that specializes in all kinds of watch bands and services, The Watch Prince also supplies watch tools, watch cases, watch boxes, and watch winders. They have an excellent collection of leather watch cases perfect for traveling like the Milano Grande travel watch case. It’s made of black leather and perfect for a one-piece oversized watch. It’s interior is cushioned with non-tarnishing Alcantra suede and a solid brass plating. Armed with extra padding for effective protection, you can easily put it in your briefcase when you go on a trip.
  3. Sunful Industrial Limited. Located in China, Sunful Industrial Ltd. is a company that manufactures and exports high-end wooden handicrafts. These include wooden watch boxes, watch winders, jewelry boxes, cigar boxes, humidors, alcohol boxes, displays and trays, collection boxes and gift items. The company has a huge market with competitive prices in North America, South America, and Europe. Sunful Industrial Ltd. also maintains quality service, an excellent reputation among its customers, and is valued for their innovative product designs and detailed work. They also produce and sell a watch case with a leather display box excellent for home use, travel, etc. Available in brown and black, this watch case is made of tanned leather and is exquisitely hand-stitched. It has two bracelet compartments with two leather compartments for watch straps. Its inner cushion is a soft cream suede lining. It also has a padded leather panel, a removable storage for links and cuff links, a metal case with polished brass and gold plating. The plush design is sure to be perfect for holding your luxury watch, antique watch, pocket watch, or military watches.

Whether you own a luxury watch, a pocket watch, a military watch, or an antique watch, your watch collections all deserve a beautiful quality made leather watch case that can keep them all safe and intact for many years to come.


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