Major Banks Offering Phone Banking

The advances in technology today have gone so far as to bridge all the possible gaps that you can have in your transactions. In fact, something as secure as banking may now be done through phone or via the Internet. Of course, they still possess the standard banking securities that we expect in our transactions. However, functions may not exactly be at par with those conducted in banking branches. For example, checking banking may not exactly have its full functions over the phone, as with deposit banking, depending on the existing banking regulation.

Some of the major bank brands include Suntrust, Compass, etc. These major banks are really accredited and attested to be reliable banks, especially in this very delicate field of online and phone banking. You might find that the options for phone banking are catered usually on a personal account level and not on a corporate one. Corporate accounts are still encouraged to have face to face correspondence given the nature and scope of the business transactions involved. Web sites and brochures of major banks such as these will also clue you in with the kind of information and transaction that you can enjoy over the phone and through the Internet, so it might be a good idea to have some form of comparison of branches before you make a final decision.

A primary criteria in your search for the right major bank for phone banking purposes would be the location. For example, Compass is quite accessible to Massachusetts residents, but if you are from another state, you might find this too taxing. There will still be instances that you need to have personal appearance before the branch, as certain transactions cannot be done over the phone. If you are not to speak strictly, you can open an account in any branch if you will just be making transactions within the bounds of phone banking. But just to be safe, you must still have an accessible office or branch to visit in case problems emerge.

Most of the major banks provide you with the option to link your account to your cell just so you will not have to keep on punching numbers repeatedly (as is the common practice for phone banking). The convenience of no longer waiting in the long queue and just updating your account details from home is a major factor that has people clamoring for this feature in banks. But if you are really still adamant about divulging your account details over the phone for fear of identity theft, nothing beats the good old safe method of doing it the old-fashioned way.


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