How To Maximize the Benefits of a Display Stand

Display stands are the contraptions and shelves that retailers and shops use to call attention to their newest products. The designs of these stands are often discussed at length in sales and advertising meetings, to make sure that the best possible push for the product is presented. In the world of advertising, looks are everything. If you don't showcase your newest offering, you might as well forget about making a good impression. Product launches are made and broken by the image and the crispness of how a product is displayed. A sloppy display is definitely one of those things that could make most people ignore your product, or even get a bad impression of it.

What does it really take to make a good display stand? What considerations does one have to take designing a display stand?

  1. Capture the essence of the product. The most important thing about a display stand is that it has to capture the essence of the item that you're selling. It is supposed to be an extension of the entity of the product. During the release of J.K. Rowling's last Harry Potter book, for instance, an entire bookstore was decked out in a wizard school motif, just to make the scene believable and phantasmal. Though most people wouldn't consider making that big an effort and cost to transform an entire bookstore into a different place all together, the lesson to be learned here is to commit to the spirit of the product. The display stand is suppose to show off the product in all its glory, so focus on what makes the product so unique.
  2. Have a catchy tagline. After you've captured the essence of the product, you have to put some text on the display stand. While there is some truth to the saying that a picture paints a thousand words, a picture doesn't always tell you what exactly those words are. Putting words on the display sends an unmistakable message about what you really want to convey. During a trade show display for instance, you usually see big words such as "Innovative," "As seen on TV" and "Money Back Guarantee" strewn across the display. These are highlighted by sellers and retailers, because these are the words that appeal to the usual crowd in trade shows. For higher end goods, the focus is more on how rare an item is or how much the discount is. While the visual part of the retail display sets the mood, the text also comes alive afterwards because it is the voice that talks to your potential customers.
  3. Relate with your customers. Lastly, you want to draw the people in by making the display something they can relate to. When people buy clothes from boutiques and apparel shops, most actually go to the mannequins and see what they are wearing. Store fixtures such as body forms aren't only in the store for visual effect, these also do a little subtle marketing. By being shown as something that should be a good fit, people will be eager to try it out themselves.

Whatever product you're selling, you need clever marketing to appeal to customers and improve sales. One of the first steps to selling your product well is to make sure that you have an appealing product display.


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