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You may own a business and you want to spruce up sales by creating a membership program system, where loyal members are able to take advantage of discounts, privileges and other freebies. This can be a great business strategy for getting repeat customers. Or, you're part of an organization and you have been assigned to design your organization's own membership card, to be given after the application process. Whatever your reasons may be, you need to think up designs. 

Here are some of the best business tips that you can start with. Let's take a look at how to get design ideas:

  1. Derive inspiration from your membership cards. If you have one at hand, such as a Fargo card, for example, you could get ideas about your own design from there. Study the components of the design. What does it contain? Remember, part of the value of a membership card is it being an advertising tool - note that professional ones have their names prominently displayed, along with their contact numbers and address. Make sure that you include those details in yours as well. Does it contain a tag line? Then it's good to think up a catchy and sensible tag line also. Why not hold a contest amongst your members as to who can think of the best tag line? This way everybody will feel a sense of involvement and ownership towards making the design. Also, check out these Web sites for cool, professional ideas:,, and
  2. Think of your theme. When designing your membership card, one of the first few things you have to consider is the theme you'd like for it to have. Would you like to make it business-like and professional? What about creative and colorful card designs? Remember, once you've considered the theme for your own, most of your ideas are easily generated from there. For example, if you decided on making your card a professional-looking one, then you can stick to colors such as white, black, gray or cream. Use plain stock or board paper, stick to bold and professional fonts and use muted designs. If you decided to make your theme a colorful and highly creative one, then you could use artistic materials such as ribbons (to make a beautiful ribbon card), feathers, sequins, etc. Of course, it's still best that you keep your business or organization's purposes in mind while you're designing your cards. If for example your business has something to do with perfume, you could put glitter and spray-on perfume on yours. However, take into consideration the issue of easy storing. After all, remember that they will most likely be kept inside the members' wallets; design it accordingly.
  3. Consider your budget. Of course, it's preferable that you come up with the best business cards without stretching your budget. The key here is to be resourceful and to work with what you have. Typically, what you need is a colored printer, photocopying machine, and the art materials of your choice (typical art materials, such as colored board paper, are relatively inexpensive and easily accessible at arts supplies stores). If you'd prefer to make a plastic card, then include a plastic and laminating machine in your required equipment.

There you have it! The key here is to balance creativity with practicality when you make a card, and also remember to take into account your business or organization's image.  Other good design tips can be learned through online classes, if necessary. Good luck, and have fun!


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