How To Find the Most Useful Office Supplies

Office supplies are meant to assist in your working, improve the manner you function and help deliver your work effectively and presentably. While any one going to an office is aware of the things around them and the supplies that are at their disposal, let us identify some of the more useful among the office supplies.

So long as there is usage of paper in an office environment, there is growing potential for the following set of supplies. Here's how to make sure you have the best office supplies.

  • Paper-clips - They come in all shapes and sizes. The most commonly used one being the gem-clip. Try not to use the plastic coated ones; they may look colorful, but they are not environment friendly. Then there are the larger paper clips that hold together large clumps of paper. An interesting innovation is the hard-press paper clip which secures papers better than the lever-clipping ones.
  • Pencil - There is this interesting anecdote, unconfirmed though, of a certain country that invested millions into discovering an anti-gravity pen for its space researchers. Another country thought it best that its space travelers just use pencils. This ubiquitous piece of writing instrument is very useful and will be around for a long time to come. Ever noticed how many grown up people really prefer using a pencil over a pen? Next time, just look around.
  • Files of all shapes and sizes, filing cabinets, boxes and anything else that will take files and papers, that can be used to securely file away and store documents are always useful and in demand at a work place.
  • Then there are punching machines, staplers and staples, paper cutters, envelope openers, glue-sticks, stick it notes, book markers - both non-stick and the adhesive ones. Also popularly used supply are stick-it notes that 3M popularized all over the world as post-it notes. It is unbelievable how many shapes and sizes they come in. Some are as small as stamps and as big as a mini note-pad. Let us not forget the cellophane tape, the ubiquitous ruler, the calculator, the pen-stand and the coffee-mug coasters.
  • Now, moving on, at the turn of the twentieth century most office environments around the world have become equipped with electric, electronic and other technological equipment in course of their day to day functioning. While most of the devices above are now battery operated, it is also quite common to see a desk top or personal computer, a fax machine, a laser printer in every shop, office or trading place now. The larger ones have their own photo-copying machines and binding machines. These call in their own set of supplies namely cartridges, re-fills and so on. One of my personal preferences is the electric binding machine. It packages a set of papers into a book-fashion within minutes.
  • Security of an office place was always a matter of concern and in most places the human being in smart uniform is quickly being relegated to watch television screens and security monitors in a back office. In his place are now, electronic locks that open when you use a magnetic strip card or a biometric card to identify yourself. While you do that, there is a security camera recording your face and assessing things that you are carrying on you.

These are some of the most useful office supplies and most of them are going to be around for a long time to come.


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