How To Know the National Association for Business Economics

The National Association for Business Economics, or NABE, has a worldwide presence consisting of members interested in business economics. Mostly professionals, these NABE members are also interested in applying the up-to-date information and trends in economics to enhance their ability in making a well-informed and sound business decision.

Founded in 1959, the National Association for Business Economics has since been a magnet for many business economics leaders from around the globe. Past NABE Presidents include 1987-2006 U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, other former governors of the Federal Reserve, and many other leaders and experts in managerial economics, international economics, financial economics and marketing economics. Presently, this academic association has at least 2,500 members from over 1,500 firms, companies and other organizations from around the world.

One of the perks of being a member of this well-established association is the opportunity for networking with associates specializing in the world of economics. You will also have chances to get to know the leaders in international economics and gain more sources for the latest on vital economic issues. You will also gain the opportunity to sit in on the discussions of well-respected leaders in the industry and gain insights from them. Furthermore, the National Association for Business Economics offers a wide range of economic tools that are needed to come to better business decisions. Additionally, NABE also offers access to a plenitude of published articles on economics and business to strengthen its members’ business knowledge and sense.

It is NABE’s mission to build leadership skills through the comprehension and the application of economics principles. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you have, what industry you’re in, your status, degree, etc. As long as you have a passion for business economics, you are qualified to be a part of this academic association. Every National Association for Business Economics member has the common knowledge and awareness that economics affects each and every business. Even if you are still a student with a major in economics or business in UCSB, UCLA, etc., as long as you have the same sentiments as the rest of the NABE professionals, you are welcome!

The National Association for Business Economics conducts forums in the U.S., regional and local, in coordiation with its 40 chapters. This is where NABE associates interact with each other and gain or share ideas and information related to business and economics. NABE also conducts discussions meant for a certain specific industry such as the healthcare industry, manufacturing industry, or technology industry, where members exchange ideas, information and talk about the latest trends in their business.

There are more perks to being a member of this prestigious association for your professional image. One of these is that you can have your resume posted and seen by local as well as internationally renowned companies since the National Association for Business Economics has a worldwide exposure and maintains a vast network of contacts. You can also browse through the NABE website and discover jobs that are available. Furthermore, you can gain insights and create solutions to economic issues by talking and sharing thoughts with fellow NABE professionals.

By being a part of the National Association for Business Economics, you gain access to a goldmine of information and knowledge in business economics. In addition to sharpening your skills and focusing on making well-informed and sound business decisions, you’re also extending your network of business contacts and strengthening your foundation of valuable knowledge on economics and business matters. 


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