How To Use Notice Board Magnets

A notice board is a common need in schools, offices and even at home. Announcements can be posted on it and viewed at a glance. It is used in schools to display children's artwork. In the offices, aside from important company-wide announcements, executives use notice boards to plan their business strategies or project schedules and display it for everyone to see and determine whether they're on the right track. Even at home, parents and their kids use boards to post reminders and schedules.

The most common notice boards are made of corkboards, which also serve as a memo board where memorandums and announcements are posted with the use of pushpins. Over the years, corkboards will deteriorate in functionality as more holes are made on them. A chalkboard also serves as an inexpensive notice board for most schools. However, writing announcements on it can be messy as chalk dust gathers below the board. Furthermore, writings can be easily and accidentally erased. 

The simple white boards, or even a specialized Quartet board, are also widely used as notice boards, aside from their common use as presentation and discussion boards in conferences and meetings. With white board markers and a special eraser, using white boards prevents the messy dust that chalkboards create. Damage can also be avoided to the white boards since you don't have to use pushpins to post announcements. With its metallic material, all you need are notice board magnets.

You can buy these board magnets from your local suppliers of school and office items. They can be used to magnetically pin your papers on the notice boards, as visual representation, decoration, and much more.

They come in round or square shapes and are most often sold in one color per set. If you want the classic look, you can use the white-colored magnets to camouflage your memos on white paper. If you want magnets with a contrasting color to your white papers, you can use the dark or the black-colored ones.

There are also sets that come in pairs of colors if you want to create a more artistic notice board. Furthermore, you can also use these colored board magnets as visual aids to keep track of project schedules and plans. Some offices even create color codes to track performance of divisions, teams, individuals, etc., in terms of hitting goals. An example would be using gold-colored magnets to signify that the performance is excellent and exceeded goals, green for those who just hit the target and red for underperformers.

There are even available sets with a design in each board magnets. Some of them are the Neopets magnets, where different characters from are portrayed. Normally used as refrigerator doors decoration, these kinds of magnets can also be used to decorate notice boards as well.

For functionality, some board magnets are made from a neodymium magnet that can hold heavier or thicker documents in place that standard magnets can't handle. These kinds are often dubbed as Super Strong Magnets.

In conclusion, notice board magnets have more uses other than pinning your documents on the board. They can help you put up and organize your papers on the board fast and easily. They can also serve as decorations to attract passers by to read what is posted. Lastly, you can also use colored magnets or those with designs to create a visual presentation to goal setting plans and project schedules.


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