How To Find Online Classified Sites

There is such an abundance of online classified sites that the question isn't how to find one, but how to choose from among the available ones out there. So if you're on the hunt for online classified sites, here are some techniques to help you get started:

  1. Use your preferred search engine. Type in relevant key words that would best help you come up with relevant listings. Such key words would include "online classifieds" or "online ads". Try keying in the category before or after the relevant words to help you instantly narrow down your search. For example, type "pets classifieds" if you're looking to buy pets; "classifieds antique furniture" if that's what you're looking for.
  2. Go to classified sites of popular search engines. Try out Yahoo classifieds, or Google classifieds. These are generally easy to use; all you'd have to do is to browse through the particular category you're interested in (jobs, cars, pets, etc) and work from there. Of course, as with most of these other online classifieds, these services are for free, and you wouldn't need to download any kind of software to use them.
  3. Visit classified sites for your particular area. It would be a wise move to stick to your local areas when doing business; this would at least enable you to meet up with the other person involved, in order to ensure safer business transactions. This is also a good idea especially if you are interested in the following categories: personals (you would most likely want to meet and/or date someone from a nearby area and not from somewhere 2,000 miles away); job classifieds; tickets to events; etc. To search for classified sites servicing your local community, you could type in, "classifieds" followed by your town or city name (or a major city near you) using your preferred search engine. So if you live in Pittsburgh, PA, for example, you could type down "classifieds - Pittsburgh" and see classifieds ads sites such as
  4. Visit popular online classified sites. You could try out online classified sites that have high user ratings. Some of these sites include,, and Trader Publishing Company. Of course, you could also try out or The good thing about using these websites is that they have a greater audience reach, so your ad would have a better chance of being read by a larger number of web users.
  5. Visit major online newspaper classifieds. You could try out the online classifieds of major newspapers. Go to their websites, and look for pages that contain their classifieds listings. Know that these listings are generally less extensive than the other sites listed above.

Just one more important thing to remember when using online classifieds sites: these sites cannot be held responsible for flaws in transactions and negotiations, and they serve only to display your classified advertising. You definitely have to undertake your own precautionary measures to make sure that you won't be a victim of a scam or fraud. Some tips would be to personally meet up with the individual you are doing business with in an open, public area during the daytime; to agree to such payment modes as Money Gram, Western Union, money order or cashier's check; to be wary of potential customers from a distant, foreign country; and to refuse offers that just seem to be too good to be true. Good luck!


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