How To Conduct Outdoor Team Building Seminars

Businesses thrive on getting good employees and getting them to work together better. Outdoor team building seminars are conducted to ensure that team synergy is developed, maintained, and ultimately, strengthened and enhanced in time. Team building seminars are sets of activities aimed to enhance team synergy and the performance of team members individually and as a group. These activities come from principles of organizational development and may be applied to small or big groups.

There are different ways of conducting an outdoor team building seminar, and they are:

  • Group bonding activities – These activities are intended for team members to know each other. They can be as simple as narrating, pen and paper activities, or games that may be physically challenging.
  • Personal development activities – These activities are designed for participants to self-evaluate, and from those situations gain insight and perspective.

To make your team building seminars effective, here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Conducting seminars outdoors can be challenging when it comes to logistics. Make sure you have everything you need, especially the major items. While it may be easy to get pens or markers, items such as crayons, LCD projectors and other materials for your games and activities may be hard to find.
  • Not all outdoors venues are alike. Inspection the location visually before you choose your location. Parking spaces, washrooms, and weather are some things that are normally overlooked when it comes to choosing venues. Accessibility, parking fees and facilities are things that you should primarily look out for.
  • Your facilitator should be adept outdoors. Can he work without a microphone? What activities will require a sound system? Will he be requiring an assistant for the program? These are just some items on which you need to consult with your facilitator to ensure that learning is maximized through the sessions.
  • The number of participants should be maximized. To maximize the value on transportation and lodging, make sure that as many participants as possible can join. If everyone can join all in one batch instead of two, that saves you halve transportation and lodging costs.
  • Executives and managers should also have fewer batches so that they are away from their offices a lot less time. Remember that you are paying executive time even for every minute that they are outside office.  

It is important that management supports seminars such as these to boost employee morale and guarantee to employees that management is looking out for them, in the way that the employees look after their productivity. Outdoor team activities not only develop a person professionally, but personally as well. It can break down barriers between team members and allow them to work better together. Trainings, seminars, and workshops are considered investments. And if invested in properly, these can yield a good return on investment in the long run, and not just in bottom-line figures, but in organizational development as well. A well-prepared outdoor team building seminar can benefit the both the employees and company as well. 


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