How To Find Popular Automatic Numbering Machines

Automatic numbering machine

Automatic numbering machines are used to file a wide array of things. They are normally used to stamp contracts, invoices, reports and other documents. There are two types of numbering machines, and these are electronic and manual. The electronic numbering machine is generally used by the majority of businesses. It can manage different types of documents. If you want to purchase an electronic numbering machine, you need to know what brand is right for your needs. Here are popular automatic numbering machine brands available in the market:

  1. Rogers Automatic Numbering Machine has 6 brass engraved wheels, 7 actions and drop ciphers. You can use it for numbering different documents such as collections, contracts, invoices, original prints, raffle tickets, reports and many more. The package includes ink, manual instruction and stylus.

  2. Rollem Automatic Numbering Machine was the first company to manufacture an automatic numbering machine. They have been manufacturing high quality automatic numbering machines using high grade materials like Sheffield Steel. The three top automatic numbering machines being sold right now are Auto-4 CPS 18", Auto-4 CPS 24" and Auto-5.

  3. Max Numbering Co. is the leading provider of numbering machines in India.

  4. Trodat Automatic Numbering Machine has 6-digit 5.5 mm date size. You can use it for numbering a wide variety of documents such as contracts, invoices, reports and many more.

  5. Cosco Self-inking Automatic Numbering Machine is used for indexing numbers on several forms of bills and documents. It has 6 engraved wheels, each running from 0 to 999999. Apart from the 6 engraved wheel features, it has 8 actions for flexibility in indexing numbers, a plastic stick for rearranging numbers, ink, ink pads and an instruction manual.

  6. Bates Royall Automatic Numbering Machine has 6 engraved wheels and 7 actions. The numbers can be used for an indefinite period.

  7. Boorum Pease Automatic Numbering Machine is from Japan. It has 6 engraved wheels and 7 actions.

  8. Rexel Automatic Numbering Machine is used for indexing numbers on several documents such as contracts, orders, reports, sales invoices and many more. It is extensively used at the office, school, factory and other establishments. This numbering machine can be set automatically in one of the eight methods such as consecutive, duplicate, repeat, quintuplicate, quadruplicate or 12 times.

  9. Shachihata Automatic Numbering Machine has 6 engraved wheels. It can be used to duplicate, repeat or triplicate. The metal frame material is for durable numbering.

  10. Sparco Automatic Numbering Machine is used for heavy duty numbering. The numbering can be set automatically to number consecutive, triplicate, repeat and many more options.

There's no need to count manually, as automatic numbering machine can do this task for you. If you want to buy one for yourself, just don't forget to look for details and specifications online. There are many famous brands to choose from, but if you're on a tight budget, you can select from manufacturers from China.


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