How To Compare Popular Copy Machine Brands and Models

Producing copies with the machine

An office full of paperwork becomes less of a hassle when a copy machine is easily accessible. Whether you use it to easily and quickly file duplicates or to create multiple copies for faster distribution, copy machines are indispensable tools for businesses.

The type of copy machine to own depends on how you will need it. For those who just want to file duplicates of certain documents, basic black and white copiers will suffice to photocopy those documents in black text over white or light-colored paper. For some businesses, they find it cost effective when they utilize a photocopier instead of constantly buying expensive toner for their computer laser printers. However, some high-end businesses such as those in advertising and media may opt for color copiers to help them with their projects.

Having the best copy machine brands and models doesn’t mean you have the most popular ones. It may be the best copy machine for your document duplication needs, but it doesn’t have to be the most popular in the market. Similarly, having the most popular copy machine doesn’t always mean it works for you 100% and fits your document duplication needs.

Sometimes, being the first and the longest surviving copy machine company in a certain market may help build company image. For example, in the Philippines, Xerox has been a popular brand in the country to the point everyone knows that “to xerox" actually means, “to photocopy.” It has been established long enough in the country to the point that it’s the common brand in businesses on rental, repair&etc. for used copiers.

  • What makes the Xerox popular is that even though it stopped manufacturing old models and made its focus creating multi-function copiers, the company still sells supplies and provides support for owners of their older units such as their 1012 Photo Copier model. This means that even if you are using a used copier, you can still make good use out of it, since support and supplies are available. Other common models from Xerox are its multi-functional 5200 series, CopyCenter C20, and its color copier 7200 series.
  • More popular for their cameras and image and digital media gadgets, Canon has also made a name in the world of copy machines. With its copiers ranging from those small-sized computer copiers to multi-functional and high-speed copier machines, Canon claims that it will meet the demands of businesses regardless of size. For the graphic and production businesses, among the most common multi-functional desktop colored copiers that Canon offers are the PIXMA Photo All-In-One Printers that serves as both a computer printer and a copy machine. For small businesses, the compact image RUNNER 1000 series is a popular choice.
  • Sharp Corporation started as a manufacturer of electrical devices like TVs and radios, but since the 1970s it has broadened its product line to include other gadgets and electrical home and office appliances such as the refrigerator, calculators and copy machines. Among the popular models of Sharp for copy machines are the AL-1651CS model and the AR-157E. The AL-1651CS is both a copier and a printer that can hold up to 30 pages of document in its feeder, whereas AR-157E has a print and scan feature with easy attachment and a paper tray that can hold up to 500 sheets.

Whether you have an office that requires a lot of documents to file or a business that deals with photo and image editing, having a copy machine at your disposal can be a good investment for your operations. 


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