How To Print Color Business Cards

Whether for small scale or large scale companies, most nowadays are maximizing the use of computers to do almost everything—whether for making reports or sales presentations. Companies rely on computers and software to make day to day tasks easier, more efficient and cheaper.

Printing color business cards is one task that can be done internally. Instead of paying printers and publishers to do it for you, there are a number of ways you can make one your own – cheaper, more personalized, and maybe even faster.

In full color printing, you only need the right software and equipment to create full color copies. Here are some pointers on how you can print color business cards and other materials such as postcard printing, brochure printing, or even on plastic cards for your personal use, for business or maybe even make profits by creating them for others.

  • There is software available that would enable you to customize and print color business cards. These programs usually have different available templates, samples, fonts, graphics and color palettes that you can use. Others even offer different types of orientation for your cards such as horizontal or vertical. Choose software that allows varied color schemes and pantones.
  • Ink jet printers give a cleaner and more professional look to your cards. You can opt to use this type of printer for your color business cards and create color palettes and pantone specific to your group or organization. Use another type of printer if you would use other materials such as plastic in your prints.
  • Desktop Publishing Software allows you to ‘publish’ materials using your normal desktop computer. There are also ready-made templates that you can choose from, if you do not want to design your own.


  • Here are some types of software that you can check to see which one fits your needs: Scribus, Serif PagePlus, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, CorelDRAW, Corel Ventura, PageStream, Adobe InDesign, PageStream, Microsoft Office Publisher, and QuarkXPress. These programs are available for use for color prints. 


  • There are programs such as Visual Business Cards that you can download and use for a specified time (usually thirty days) as a trial period. You can evaluate the software and see how it performs and how it can help you before you purchase the software. As with most software, remember to register the software you purchased so you can gain access to after-sales support.
  • Use the right type of paper. You also have to check the printer you are using to know whether both your paper and printer are compatible. Do not stock-up on ink as well, as there are different types of ink depending on printer and purpose.

Printing color business cards is more efficient when done internally, especially if you are not mass-producing and are creating smaller volumes. Use technology to your advantage, and you can get better, faster, and cheaper results for your businesses. 


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