How To Recognize Employees with Awards

As a manager or director of the human resource department, it is your task to make sure that employees are properly recognized. Recognition of an employee is a vital task because it keeps up morale and at the same time, ensures that the employees will continue to work for the company. It makes an employee feel needed and that he plays an important role in the work place. So how do you show recognition? There are actually several ways to recognize your employees and here are some suggestions.

  1. Make it a constant practice. Never forget to give credit when it is due. When performing an important task quite well or standing out within a group during a crucial moment, make sure to recognize these small achievements to ensure consistent or even better performance. If there is a consistent time for recognition of employees, it is easier for others to want to strive for the same recognition, or recognition in their respective areas. Knowing that good performance can even get them a promotion, having a small goal to achieve every time is a very good motivator.
  2. Categorize. Identify the different types of recognition. From here you can actually identify what type of recognition you will give to your employees. You can actually give plaques of recognition or trophies, whether they are crystal, glass, cheap trophies or acrylic trophies. From a simple, employee of the month, to team leader of the year or even best director for a certain department, categorize your awards so people have different things to strive for. Everyone deserves to be recognized. Use your creativity to match the award being recognized. You can be classy or random, or even spontaneous. You can even give special vacations or a bonus if you see that they truly deserve them. Discuss with your staff how to work the system.
  3. Keep good track of awards. Sometimes awards that seem simple enough, like always being prompt in submitting reports, can actually be used as one basis for promotion. No matter how small the achievement, it should always be recognized. This keeps communication and lines of command open and welcoming for everyone. Outstanding employees should always be given their due. The feeling of being able to accomplish something and move up the ranks can give you loyal employees.

Recognizing your employees with awards is one way to keep a healthy office or company environment. It opens healthy competition between employees and at the same time boosts their morale. Sometimes, a simple "thank you" note will suffice for a task done, and sometimes throwing a surprise party for them would make them feel the unity within their department or within the business. It can actually boost sales or can be used as a promotional gimmick if you are up for hiring new employees. Benefits are vital factors for potential new employees so make sure that this part of the bargain is also clear for them. Feeling that they are taken care of can gain you a very good reputation among your competitors.


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