How To Get Rewards with a Capital One Card

There really is no reason to be scared of credit cards. Although there are scare stories of people using credit cards and being crushed with bills, it’s not really that bad. Credit cards like the one from Capital One earn money with interest in a buy-now-pay–later scheme. However, the pricing isn’t that high. Ranging from 10% - 20%, it is a small price to pay, especially when you do not have any cash on hand. To assuage the fears of the general public, Capital One, like most credit card companies, give rewards to those who use their credit cards. These are called NoHassle Rewards programs, and there are three kinds.

  1. No Hassle MilesSM Rewards. The NoHassle MilesSM Rewards program is designed with travel in mind. For those who have places to go and people to see, this Capital card is right for you. It is especially useful when paired with Capital One’s corporate card offerings. They give you rewards for every dollar you spend on a plane ticket and they give you points called “miles” which you can save up for future use, to spend on a hotel room or another plane ticket. For their Excellent Credit and Business class credit card offerings, you can get 2 miles for every dollar you spend, while for their good credit class, you can get as much as $1.25. These miles can be used for other trips in the future. Their current program is 1 mile per $100 cost and you can get a $100 hotel room in Singapore for free if you have 10,000 points. As they are partnered with, you can get as much as 3 points for every dollar spent with their Orbitz NoHassle SM Miles Visa® card, and a point per dollar on all other purchases from business trips to NY to a holiday in the UK.
  2. NoHassle CashSM Rewards. A lot of people would rather pay cash for their groceries than credit cards. However, with more and more rebate packages, using credit cards on groceries is becoming a cheaper and better option. Capital Cards offer capital rewards with their NoHassle CashSM rewards system. With it, you can get as much as 2% cash back on purchases in major grocery and gas stations and 1% on all other purchases. With a 0% APR until March 2010, you can be assured that you’ll get good credit safety. With their group card promotions, even corporate and small businesses, or friends can stack up on the rebates and make your financial capital grow!
  3. NoHassle PointsSM Rewards. Do you go to MTV Concerts or live events often? A fan of the Louisiana State University’s Tigers? Then the NoHassle PointsSM rewards scheme is right for you! With the MTV® Visa® Capital card you can earn as much as 5 points per purchase on MTV events like the Video Music Awards and MTV merchandise like shirts and caps. And if that wasn’t enough, the MTV® Visa® Capital card lets you choose between four different MTV designs or you can make your own image card! For the LSU Tigers™ card design, get 2 points per purchase you make on your customized LSU fan card.

There really isn’t much to be scared of if you can lessen your interest through the rebates. With all the free items that you get, your capital fund will actually grow, instead of lessen. They also have many flexible offers to fit your lifestyle.


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