How To Have a Successful Fund-Raising Event

In the midst of today's worldwide economic crisis, many people are finding it hard to raise money for certain charitable events. With personal funding scares, many people have tried to set-up their own fundraising activities, in order to support their varied causes. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when creating a successful fundraiser.

You will need to ensure that the fundraiser benefits a local group in your community. Corporate sponsors may be unwilling to cooperate with your event if the fundraiser has nothing to do with the local community. A favorite sector to use as a beneficiary group for your fundraiser would be the youth - you can use the money to build youth centers, socio-civic centers, educational aid, and the like. Such a cause will be good for the company's image, and they will be more than willing to donate to your cause if you include them in the media announcements that you will make for your event, whether it be in print, the radio, the internet or TV.

If you are able to pitch the idea to the companies, they will help sponsor your fundraiser. Also, do not approach the company as if you were simply asking for a cash donation. Explain to them that they stand to benefit from their partnership with you. Remember, you are not the only fundraiser asking for their support, these companies get hundreds of requests a month! What you will need to do is to help them understand that your event stands out. Create a laundry list of the finer points of your event, tying them in with the proposed exposure you will offer the company, and you should be in a better position to get them as sponsors.

You must also be able to advertise and market your event well. You can start with simple flyering in your target areas. If you are targeting the youth for example, try leaving flyer stacks in the lobby of your community center, or in the hallways of your local schools. With any luck, news of your event will spread through word of mouth. Make sure that the flyers say exactly what you want people to know about the event, and keep it fun! Use strong visuals and striking layouts to draw attention to your event. You can also get on your local radio station and ask them to announce your event periodically, every hour, for example. You will need to generate enough buzz in order to have a successful fundraising event, so make sure people know when, where and why you are holding the event.

When charging entrance to your fundraiser, whatever it may be, it may be a good idea to offer discounts for families who come in together. The idea is, primarily, to create a sense of community, even within your fundraiser. People who have a stronger sense of community are more than willing to donate to a worthy cause. Also, the main point of the fundraiser is to get these people interested in your cause. Once they are, they will give whole-heartedly, and the people who will benefit from the fundraiser will definitely be most grateful for all the help you've given them.


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