How To Select a Business Program to Study

Are you looking for a job in a highly competitive field? Have you been promoted recently or working to get promoted? Or are you tired of being an employee and want to be starting a business as your own boss? If your answer to any one of these questions is a resounding yes, selecting a business program to study is definitely one of the ways you can help yourself get ahead of the pack.

Choosing a business program or MBA is an important decision.  You will invest time, effort and money in this venture, so you should make the following considerations in selecting the “best” business program to study:   

  1. Determine what your career goals are and what programs are relevant to your career.  Check out the courses included in the programs you are considering.  Ask yourself if the electives included are going to be useful to your field of work or your particular areas of interest.
  2. Learn about the program before getting into it. It pays to know the structure of the business program you are considering. Some programs are very structured and traditional, while some are dynamic. Also, there are two-year and one-year programs.  Most business programs cater to those with current or prior managerial positions, so if you don’t have any, anticipate some difficulties in the program or ask if the instructors can modify some of it for you or pick the two year program.
  3. Class size matters. Small classes are generally good because these means the instructors will have more time for each individual student in class.  But big classes are not bad either for recruiting firms are likely to seek schools with big classes.
  4. Know how much time, money and other resources you are willing to spend. A business program will demand your commitment and resources to it.  Knowing your financial position will help you in picking the schools and programs for you. If you are short on cash, you can consider graduate school loans, scholarships, grants and attending the local universities over those located in other states.
  5. Consider where you work or live at present and where you want to do so in the future in picking the school and the program. Many universities have job placement contacts which are concentrated within the region. If you plan to work in a particular region or state, look for programs in universities and colleges in that area or in nearby areas.
  6. Check out the top business schools form some of today’s major publications. The Economist, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Business Week, among others, rank and compile some of the top business schools in the country.  Some of the consistently ranked universities are Harvard, NYU, MIT and Berkley. But a caveat: these rankings differ from each other and are a result of a consideration of different factors. Nonetheless, they can give you a good idea on what schools have the most reputable business programs around.

Selecting a business program to study is a task which requires careful consideration because of the money, time and resources you will have to commit in pursuing one.  It is important that you pick the right program to equip you for the competitive job market out there.  If you choose to study online, there are lots of great online business degrees available. The bottom line in picking the best program is to pick the one which fits your needs and available resources, not just the school.


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