Selling Clothes To a Consignment Shop

Resale and consignment stores are becoming very popular and even more so in today’s economy. There are over 15,000 resell shops around the county that have growth rates of 15% each year. A consignment shop is a second-hand store that sells used merchandise at lower prices than new items. There are many of these shops that sell new items as well as used. With consignment, the consignee (seller) pays the consignor (one who owns the item) a part of the proceeds when the item is sold. The merchandise in consignment shops may include anything from antiques and books to furniture and tools.

These are some helpful tips before going to a consignment shop with your belongings:

  1. Call the shop before you go and find out what they are looking for and buying at that time. Find out exactly what they are looking for, if they are looking for only clothing or looking for other merchandise as well. Check to see if they are wanting certain styles or sizes, men’s, women’s or children’s. Also find out if they want items from the current season or not.
  2. Before you take anything into the shop for consignment, make sure it is very clean and working. Make sure that clothes are not stained or missing any buttons. Items should not be missing any parts or in need of repair.
  3. Find out all fees and policies before consigning any item. Find out the time period for the consigning and what kind of fees will be taken out once the item has been sold. Make sure you understand every part of the consigning process.

Before you choose a shop for your consigning needs, look around to find the shop that best suits your needs. Look through the merchandise of the shop to see the condition. Are all the items in excellent condition? Is any item accepted for consignment regardless of condition? Look at how merchandise is displayed and see if the prices are reasonable. The items that you consignment will not be priced much differently than what you see.

Take your time when you decide to consign. It is very possible to make a good bit of money doing this. Choose the shop that best suits your items and style. To get the best possible return from your items, make sure they are in the best possible shape. The more effort you put into consigning, the more you will see in return.


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