How To Create a Home Office

Your home office should clean and organized, so that it is easy to work in. But, because you will also be spending quite a bit of time there, it should be comfortable as well. Depending on the work that you do, you will have a variety of items that you need, but almost everyone will have a computer, desk, chair, office supplies and lights.

  • Your computer should be performance driven. Whether you prefer a Mac or PC for your home office doesn't matter, what matters is that your office computer is powerful enough to do what you need. Some key programs to remember are office software (like Microsoft Office) and a security program, to protect you from malware or viruses. Many home offices can benefit from having both a laptop and a desktop, depending on how often you travel and whether you need your documents with you at all times.


  • Your desk and chair are the second most important pieces in your home office collection. Because you will be spending most of your time sitting, it is important to have a chair that is comfortable and adjustable. Getting an office chair that has an adjustable seat is important so that you can sit at a position comfortable for your desk. Many office desks have built in filing cabinets now, which is a huge space saver for small home office spaces.


  • Office supplies vary from personal stationary to expensive computer programs. For a home office, it is important to keep them organized and up to date. Running out of stamps or envelopes at a deadline is never a good thing. Office supply stores are all over, and many of them will ship products to make it more convenient for your office.


  • The final item to remember is light! Having natural light in your home office is wonderful, as it is better for your eyes. But, if you don't have a window in your office, opt for lights that shoot up rather than down. This will provide a wide light for the room and be less harsh on your eyes.

The key to any home office is making it yours. If you love pink, add pink blinds! If you want everything to have stripes, most office supply stores have coordinating office sets for any taste. Set up an office that you like, and it will be much easier to work there for long periods of time.


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