How To Do Social Media Optimization for Your Business

Social Media Optimization or SMO is defined as a marketing tool or different methods of getting to the public through different online communities and social websites that are found on the Internet. Social Media Optimization has two different elements. The first one is adding links to different websites that cater to articles. The second one is by providing a way for the consumers to market your company themselves.

Here are some useful media optimization solutions for your business:

  1. Links. This is one strategy that you can use to make sure that your consumers are up to date. You can keep a blog that you have to update every so often and fill up with content that is useful for consumers. You can also provide links to different websites and other sources on the Internet so that you can optimize the blog marketing tool. Also remember to keep your website interesting but simple. A blog that seems too cluttered may cause the consumer to skip reading the content.
  2. Tagging and Bookmarking. You can also add different features on your blog or website, such as quick buttons to add your articles or content to either Digg or This is a great way for your content to be shared over a larger network. This can also be referred to as buzz marketing. Tags are also good tools to use in order for your page or blog to show up in search results. Be sure to add all the relevant tags that are used in your content.
  3. Content Travel. There are other different ways that you can spread information using the Internet. You can make your content available in many different types of media. You can make podcasts, PDF files of your content, videos, slideshows and more. You can also use social software to be able to reach more customers. Submit these to different websites that cater to these media portals, and have the content link back to your website.
  4. Make Your Content Usable. Another strategy you can use is allowing others to make use of your content or display your content on their own websites or blogs. This way, they are helping you in marketing your products and services. Use platforms such as YouTube, where the viewers of the video are provided with a link that will help them embed the video on their own websites and blogs.
  5. Participate. If you post content on different websites, it will also be helpful for you if you communicate with the consumers and participate in online discussions or post responses to comment boxes and bulletin boards. This will show the consumers that you care enough to communicate with them.

These are some of the social media optimization tools that you can make use of in order to broaden your marketing range. You can post in as many websites as you can and not worry about costs, as the majority of the websites that you can use for optimization let you use their services for free.


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