How To Find Sources of Company Information

Finding company information is a lot easier, and easier to access nowadays, with the advance of technology. Whether you are seeking employment, business opportunities, suppliers or clients, getting and verifying company information is essential – it’s always best to do your homework. Unlike before, there are sources where you can find more than just the telephone number of a company. Job openings, corporate history, products and news are now posted in these resources that are free for the public to access. Because more and more people are seeking options whether for business, a job, or other opportunities, companies are willing to make this information readily available. 

Here are some tips on how to find company information.

  • Online directories. With just one click, you can easily search the company you are looking for. They are also easy to browse as they are usually sorted by industry, area or location. There is nutshell information about their contact details and the profile of the company, and at the same time they usually provide the link where you will be redirected to the corporate website. There are also search buttons or forms where you can just type company names, and a listing of close match searches will be displayed.
  • Directories. This is another way of searching for information for private companies, organizations, clubs and publicly-listed companies. Check your local listings for company information, but mostly this is limited to companies in your area.
  • Corporate websites. This can be considered the best way to see company information. If you have business cards of employees working in the company you are searching for, business cards usually indicate the website of their company. If instead an email address is on the card, you can just add www. to the email address (after the ampersand) to locate their website. Apart from the company profile, some corporate websites even include financial information or the financial standing of their companies (sometimes in pdf form to discourage copying and editing).
  • Forum. If you want ‘candid’ company information, there are social forums where clients, customers or suppliers, and even employees share information. While of course ethics is being observed, there are some forums where confidential information such as wages or policies are being discussed. Just be wary about those posting information that can be misleading or untrue. There are some disgruntled employees or clients who will declare false statements about companies. But if it is just the corporate profile or contact details you are after, there are forum members who are more than willing to share that information, maybe even how to reach or apply for a job in their company.  

It is always best to seek company information first before you deal with them, or apply for a job with companies. When you do business with them, companies do not always have the luxury of time to disclose or discuss all information about themselves. Sometimes, they would just direct you to their website to get the information.


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