How To Start a Computer Business

Have you ever considered working for yourself - possibly even working from home? Since you are reading this, you already have the most important piece of equipment: a computer! While there are many unscrupulous online "businesses," you really can start your own computer-based business and run it from your home with little or no money down!

Some fields include professional blogging, webmastering, and working auction sites. You can start your own computer based business in any of these - or all of them. The trick is to find the business that matches your personality and lifestyle. You are encouraged to experiment with several of them before you decide. You can start your own computer based business in other fields, but these are the most popular.

Only one of those mentioned requires any investment in storage space: working auction sites. You can start your own computer based business without any significant working space. With auction sites, you will need to store your merchandise. Depending on the amount of business you do, even the corner of one room might be enough. If your business is really successful, you may have to move your merchandise into your garage or shed or even rent a storage area close to home. This space can be written off on your taxes.

Many computer-based businesses require only the room your computer desk occupies. Webmastering requires a server, but you can rent Web space from a provider (host) for as little as $3.00-5.00 a month. While there are sites and communities which offer free hosting, advertisers and sponsors prefer blogs and sites on their own domains. However, if you are strapped for cash, starting your blog or website on a free site is a good way to build a following and establish a name for yourself and your business.

You really can start your own computer-based business for free - with absolutely no expenditure - but you will do better, and do better faster, with a little start-up cash. As mentioned, blogs and websites do better with their own, dedicated URLs, and most auction sites charge a small fee for each item you list; some are fixed, while others charge according to the price you are asking. Once you are established, your business should easily pay for itself. According to how much time and effort you put into the business, as well as the content, products, and/or services you provide, this could take as much as one to two years - or could happen within a few months!


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