How To Find Steel Cabinets for Home Use

Steel cabinets are excellent investments. Though they often cost a lot more than the traditional wooden and plastic cabinet installations, a steel cabinet will save you more money in the long run because of its minimal maintenance needs, splendid durability and a style that never gets outdated. Because steel cabinets are weather-proof, they are used for filing important documents both in homes and the office, long-lasting food preservation, and to keep valued possessions safe and secured. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, or even in the office, steel shelves and cabinets will give any room that modern, industrial feel which looks clean, sophisticated, and very professional.

Before you rush to the appliance center, here’s an overview of the three available cabinet options in the market to help you decide on which type you is best for you:

  • Stock cabinets are those standard, pre-made products immediately seen displayed in stores. You can simply choose from them and have items delivered straight to your home. They are the most inexpensive among of the three options and are most popular when it comes to design. This, however, does not suggest poor quality, only faster and easier production time and cost on the part of the manufacturer due to the familiarity of assembly.
  • Semi-custom cabinets allow for a few personalized modifications to the stock item like change of door handles, height or drawer inserts. It usually takes these longer to be delivered because of the customizations.
  • Custom cabinets are built exactly how you want them, from the curves design to the handles, from the carvings, emboss or imprints to the overall structure. You may provide your own plan, talk to the builder about the specifications and negotiate on the cost and time of completion. It is a one-of-a-kind cabinet. You will pay more for this type, so make sure you find a highly skilled cabinetmaker.

You can find steel products online or from local steel companies near you. Check out these online suppliers that offer high-quality steel products ideal for your home.

  • Steel Systems. The company prides itself as the prime producer of high-quality, custom-engineered steel mini-storage for personal and commercial purposes. They deal steel storage that can be installed anywhere including boats and RVs. They are part of the NCI Building Systems, one of the most prevalent unions of steel manufacturers and engineers in North America.
  • Cole Steel Inc. This is a prominent steel erector company famed for their tough locks and steel safes that last a lifetime. They have been operating in Pocatello, Idaho since its establishment in the year 1992. Their products are sold internationally through distribution in local retail hardware stores.
  • ErgoInDemand. This supplier’s products come either pre-assembled or fully-assembled. They have a wide selection of wall cabinets, steel wardrobe closets that have adjustable steel shelves. They can add additional steel drawers according to your requirements. They give priority to maximum space utilization and efficient item organization. They come in light and dark neutral shades in classic, traditional designs that will fit flawlessly with the rest of your furniture.
  • A-Plus Warehouse. These are stainless steel kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Engaged in the steel storage production business for ten years, they have developed a special technique that minimizes the effects of oxidation due to prolonged exposure to moisture. That is why their products are perfect for industrial, professional kitchens, lockers and steel bathrooms, cafeteria storage and other establishments that engage in large manufacture. This company will deliver your items personally.


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