How To Successfully Beg for Money

So, you are in dire need of some money and you also know who could possibly help you.  Now, asking them straight out may not beget the desired response and given the circumstances, you may have to literally beg for it.  Here's how to successfully beg for money.

  • For starters, appear very sincere in your need while appealing to the good conscience of your donors for money.  For this, physical appearances are equally important, depending upon who you approach and beg for money, you should be suitably attired.  Think of a good cause for begging for money and make sure to have the appearance to back it up.  For example, if you complain of ill-health you should look sick; on the other hand if you say that a family member is sick and you do not have any means to help them and are therefore begging, you should have some proof.
  • Hunger, homeless and any vagrant reason is good enough to evoke sympathy of even strangers to donate money.  Some people would take off their coats or hand over a lunchbox to you.  Be willing to accept them, else you could appear insincere.  Throw it away when they are out of sight if you do not like it.
  • Talking about a good physical appearance, a good suit and a pan handle works well in an up market location where high-heeled individuals would pass by.  Same would make you a target for robbery if you were to panhandle in a suburban slum.  Timing and location are very important - ensure that your donors are in a good mood while you approach them to beg for money; for this, you could ask when they are having a meal or in a park or near a bakery or florist.  The environment should be conducive and pleasant to evoke necessary emotions in the donor for making a good donation to you.
  • Next, what you state as your purpose for begging for money is vital.  It should not only evoke sympathy but should appeal to the good conscience of the donor to give you money willingly.  This serves dual purposes.  One, the donor is happy and feels content while giving you the money; and secondly, chances are quite high that he may respond favorably to your request on subsequent occasions as well.  Here, demonstrate your respect for the other person's money; make the reason more about the donor than about yourself.  For example, if you say that you know your donor's money is precious but it would make him seem like a real kind-hearted soul if he helped you; a man in distress would work better than lamenting on your sad state of life.
  • Finally, under no circumstances should your donors feel you misuse their money.  So, even if you were to be utilizing it for binging purposes, do not show it.


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