How To Understand Surface Treatment Technologies

Surface treatment is typically used in the steel industry. There are various types of surface finishing that are done to improve the quality of a material and to add coatings to achieve certain characteristics. This is done in order to change the qualities of the surface of the object. There are different types of technology that are used in order to enhance the surface of metals.

Some of the qualities that are achieved with surface treatment are corrosion resistance, hardness, strength, electrical contact, wear resistance, hardness and ductility. These qualities are achieved by using different types of surface treatment technologies.

Here are some surface treatment technologies:

  1. Surface Cleaning - The first step in any surface treatment technology is surface cleaning. Surface cleaning of metals and of aluminum and other alloys are done in several methods but they all have the same purpose - to clean the surface before any treatment is done. Surface cleaning can be done by using liquids, such as alkaline solutions or dissolving oil. Cleaning can also be done with the use of vapors. Vapor cleaning is done with materials that are coated with soil.
  2. Surface Technology Coating - Surface coating is one of the most common treatment technologies used. Coatings are done in order to protect the metal from corrosion. The most common type of coatings that is applied is paint. Paint can come in different colors, depending on your taste. There are also more advanced types of surface coating, such as electrostatic and powder coating.
  3. Corona Treatment - Corona treatment or air plasma treatment is done in order for the material to improve their ability to cling or bond with other materials. This treatment technology is done to materials, such as paper, films, polymers and foils. The result of the corona treatment may not be visible to the naked eye but it greatly improves the adhesion of the surface of the materials.
  4. Heat Treatment - Heat treatment uses heat in order to change the surface steel or to attach another element to the heated portion of the material. There are different processes that are used in surface treatment depending on the type of material to be heated. The outcome of a material that has undergone heat treatment can result in the hardening or the material.
  5. Vacuum Coatings - Vacuum coatings are used in metallic layers. There are two types of vacuum coatings that are done. The first one is the physical vapor deposition and the second one is the chemical vapor deposition. In physical vapor deposition involves evaporating the layer into the vacuum through heating, an electron beam or an ion beam. Chemical vapor deposition involves decomposing of gases in a vacuum chamber.

These are some of the types of surface treatment technologies that are used. Each treatment improves the overall quality of the metal or alloy. This can improve or increase the number of uses for that particular object. Each surface technology has its negative and positive effects. You must be aware of these so that you can choose which surface treatment is best to use.


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