How To Get Time Warner Cable Package Deals

Time Warner Cable is one of the largest Internet, cable, and digital phone providers in the country, conducting operations from Los Angeles, Texas, and New York to Canada. With a net income of $1.19 billion, servicing approximately 30 million customers in 27 states, operating 31 divisions, it is a tried and tested cable company in the United States. As with most companies, Time Warner Cable offers several package deals for its prospective clients and has a proud set of features that come with the merchandise. Several are sold by local retailers and divisions of the Time Warner Cable Company itself. Here are some of the packages that they offer.

Options. Perhaps the best thing about Time Warner Cable is that it lets you formulate your own “bundles” depending on which area you live in, especially since their bundles include all three services, High Speed Cable Internet, Cable Television, and Digital Phones. For the Cable Television Option, you may choose between 193 channels or 261 channels, which include HDTV, Premium Channels, and others like Nickelodeon, Flix, HBO, ESPN and others. For their Road Runner High Speed Cable Internet service, there is only one choice. And that’s 10mbps worth of unlimited internet connection for a monthly fee. However, if you only wish to get High Speed internet, then there are several other packages that are possible. For their digital phones, you may choose between unlimited local calling with or without nationwide calls.

Pricing. Time Warner’s Cable Television offering, which has a maximum of 261 channels, is billed at $66.95 per month, while their 193 channel option is billed at $56.95. These prices are inclusive of a free converter and several HD Movies on Demand cable channels for free.  Their Road Runner Internet Cable connection is priced at $39.95 for their package deal, including a free modem and free security software. However, there are other non-bundled Internet Cable connections that range from speeds of 786kbps to 30mbps. Prices vary depending on bandwidth speed and location. Digital Telephone Services for Time Warner Cable’s bundle packages go from $19.95 for Unlimited In-State calls to $29.95 for Unlimited Nationwide calls. A good thing about the Digital Telephone services is that you get to keep your phone number and get free caller ID on your TV. Payments can be done online or by visiting your respective payment center. Complete address for each state and the schedule for when they are closed can be viewed on their website.

Time Warner Cable has incredible endorsements online, most of which come from their sub-sites and are undoubtedly very persuasive to the unsuspecting buyer. As you should to all deals, however, first check customer feedback or schedule an appointment with the company’s customer service to find out more about the scope and details of the offer before trying out their products. Full product descriptions, information on payment centers for each location and everything else you might want to know about their promotional offers is available on their website for maximum customer support. You also have the option to contact them through email, chat, telephone or postal mail.


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