How To Improve Your Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral, though it seems to be a technical and specialized term, only refers to media used to enhance the sales of a product or service. They are sales aids that make the sale more effective. Some types of marketing collateral include sales brochures, posters and fliers, visual aids and web content.

Marketing collateral is a very important factor in determining your business' success rate, as it is the facet that contributes to the appeal that your product holds for the typical consumer. It also generates awareness of your product, which is the key for the customer to actually patronize it.

That being said, here are some tips for improving your marketing collateral.

1. Identify and specify your target customers.

If you wish to design your marketing collateral so that it appeals to children, then use big cartoon images and striking primary colors. If your target customers are teenagers, then use catchy phrases or hip images they could associate with. The key here is to know what typically attracts your target customer, and then design your marketing collateral with that in mind.

2. Research the most effective images and color combinations.

Studies have consistently shown that in advertising, the different aspects of design - such as colors and their combinations, placement of images, curves and lines - have subliminal effects on people that greatly influence their perception and opinion of the product itself. That's why while designing your own marketing collateral, it is vital that you find out which images and color combinations would be best not just aesthetically, but also in producing the most positive perception on your product.

3. Consider the purpose of your product.

Let's say you're marketing soap and other beauty products. You can consider designing your marketing collateral in a way that would highlight the benefits using your products would bring. For example, if you want to emphasize that your soaps are fragrant and very feminine, try to design marketing collateral that would convey fragrance and femininity. Maybe you can use light, barely-there designs, soft curves and feminine colors.

4. Educate yourself,

If you have the time, resources and the inclination, you may choose to take short courses to educate yourself on the basics of design. Since marketing products and services on the Internet is becoming more popular, you can even work on studying website design and development. Usually you could take these courses online, so it would likely be convenient and easy on your schedule.

5. Be consistent

Once you have established marketing collateral for your product, you should use this design consistently for all your marketing collateral. In some instances, you can work on varying small aspects, but still sticking to an overall theme. This will result in better product recall and would enable customers to readily associate the design with the product.

Improving your marketing collateral is mostly a matter of being open to continuous development, studying the effectiveness of your current marketing collateral and working to further enhance it to better attain your goals.


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