How To Get Creative Ideas for Trade Show Displays

How many times have you participated in trade fairs, trade expos, trade events, or trade shows? Did they help your business even a bit?

It might have helped a little but your investment for the tradeshow booth during the exhibit show was never returned by the little help you had. What could have been the problem—the displays? the booths? or the banners? Or maybe you just don’t have any creative ideas to make your tradeshow booth stand out and be recognized.

Remember, trade fairs are occasions for meeting different business-minded people who want to offer (and who want to buy) their products to possible clients. Therefore, every trade expo is full of tough competition especially if it only deals with one industry. So, do you want to leave the trade events being the loser? Or do you want to be the triumphant entrepreneur? If you choose the last option, then strive to be one by getting better and more creative ideas like:

  • Use a spotlight. Just consider those singers during a concert. They stand out because they are on the stage, plus, the spotlight is on them. You can get the same attention also by using a spotlight. You’ll surely be the apple of visitors' eyes.
  • Display videos. Don't just settle on boring and conventional displays like banners. These can only show picture and text for the visitors. Why don’t you use show a video, instead? Now, you’re thinking you need to have a TV for that. Well, that's one possibility. A laptop can be used, too. But the best idea is to use a projector. You’ll surely impress the visitors with that big screen flashing all about your company’s values and products.
  • Offer give-aways or special limited edition products. But don’t just choose anything to imprint your company’s name on. Choose something that will represent your company. For instance, if your company manufactures and designs clothes, then a mini t-shirt for car displays can be your give away. Now, if you don’t want that promotional material to be wasted, then offer that as a free item when the customer purchases something from your tradeshow booth.
  • Initiate games or contests during the tradeshow. Why don’t you try having a prize wheel? The customer will have a chance to win something by spinning the wheel. Of course, they need first to buy something from your booths before they are given the spin. Scratch cards are great for adding a little mystery also. After buying some items from your booth, the customer will be given a scratch card. They’ll surely enjoy scratching the card to see their mystery prize.

Actually, the crazier your ideas are, the more people will remember your company at the trade show. So never be afraid of trying anything new or crazy. Besides, crazy things are mostly the fun things to do. Of course, never forget to do the traditional reminders during a trade show. Have carefully thought up trade show graphics, headlines, and descriptions. Get your company name and logo imprinted on all your supplies, too. That way, the trade expo visitors will surely remember your company’s name.


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