How To Know Trends in Exhibition Design

Businesses these days are more competitive than ever. Everyone with a business should be on their toes and be up to date with the latest trends in the market, including the hottest exhibition design. It is important that businesses know how to market what they can offer to the public. If you own a business, it is vital that you know the latest trends in event design so that you will be able to sell your business better. Here are some of the latest trends that you need to take note of when you draw up plans for your design brand and exhibition design.

  1. Lighting - This is used to enhance the exhibit environment. Whether you are entering an architecture competition or not, lighting creates specific effects that highlights specific attributes of the exhibit. Several choices for lighting are available. You could use wash lights, spotlights or overhead lighting. With the combination of these lights, you are confident that you will have a dramatic feel in your exhibit.
  2. Materials - The use of various materials as accents in your exhibit can create tremendous presence. Wood, metal and fabric are the most popular choices for these materials. Fabric creates versatility and defines space. Wood on the other hand, is cheap and is less susceptible to damage, which makes it perfect for the interior of your exhibit. Metal is used mostly when you want to convey a more high tech look. It really depends on the feel that you want to express with your exhibit.
  3. Graphics - Too many graphics is no longer the trend. What is in nowadays is the use of a single message for your graphics. There is a graphic design studio that can showcase their design portfolios from which you can choose what kind of graphics you want to incorporate in your exhibit. Graphic shapes can create contrast and draw attention to the product that you are trying to exhibit.
  4. Shapes - In the most recent years the use of various shapes such as arching curve, wave shapes and "tombstone" shapes has become very popular. This is due to the fact that there is software available that can create complex shapes and add interest and movement to the exhibit.
  5. Virtual Exhibition - More and more people have set up virtual exhibitions instead of the normal way of exhibiting. There are pros and cons on this new trend, more people think that the virtual world cannot compete with advantages of the live arena but with technology on the rise, we will not be seeing the end of this trend just yet.

It is crucial that you are up to date with the trends in exhibition. Otherwise, your exhibit will be considered a museum and no one will be interested in looking into what you have to offer. The trends mentioned above are just suggestions on how to do your exhibit that can make it trendy. However, it is important to note that nothing beats originality. If you have that, then you can't do anything wrong. Your exhibit will be a hit in the markets of Paris, Milan, New York, etc.


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