Two Ways to Get a Copy of Your Birth Certificate

Copy of birth certificate

There are several instances where you have to present a birth certificate in order to get licenses. These include marriage licenses, driver's licenses, a passport, or social security purposes. Your birth certificate is the proof that you are a citizen of a country. It is what sets you apart from other people. There are several ways to get a real copy of your birth certificate.

Here are the steps in getting a copy of your birth certificate:

  1. Getting your birth certificate on your own. If you have time and want to save a few dollars, you can get a copy your birth certificate by yourself. You have to get a copy of your birth certificate in the state where you were born. The state has total control over your vital records, including your birth certificate. Go to your local state government office to get your birth certificate. There are usually notices for guidelines and fees regarding getting a birth certificate. Follow the steps to get your birth certificate. Usually, you will be asked to fill out an application form or a template with your vital statistics. It depends on how long the line is to get your certificate. You can usually get it on the same day as your request. There are a lot of uses for your birth certificate. A copy is needed for a marriage license, divorce certification or adoption records.

  2. Getting your birth certificate online. You can also get your birth certificate by going online. This is ideal if you are not in the state that you were born in. This is also done by people who want to avoid the long lines in local state government offices. The downside for going online to get your birth certificate is that your expenses can reach up to a hundred dollars or more. This is because you pay a company to get and deliver your birth certificate for you. All you have to do is order it online. In order for you to get your replacement birth certificate, you have to agree to the terms and conditions of the website where you will place your order. Some people are worried that their vital information will be leaked. You have to choose a website that you can trust in order for you to get your replacement birth certificate online.

These are two of the ways to get a copy of your birth certificate. It is also useful for you to get multiple copies of your birth certificate so that you wouldn't have to get a copy every time you need one. If you are getting the birth certificate from your local state government, you can have them make several copies of the birth certificate for a fee. If you are getting your birth certificate online, you may pay a higher price for getting multiple copies of your birth certificate. You can also photocopy your birth certificate to use in instances where the real copy is not needed.


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