How To Know Types of Freight Services

Freight services use trucks, trains, boats and airplanes to deliver by land, sea, or air, but the freight business is more complex than what meets the eye. In this article you will discover the different types of freight for you to know the correct one to make use of.

  1. Airfreight companies. This service delivers any kind of shipment, domestic and international. They deliver any type of commodity, granted there are proper permits for them. They usually have agents who provide customs services for their shipment to speed up and facilitate their delivery, to the benefit of the company, and the client. They combine shipments with other deliveries to cut down on costs for their clients, and for their own shipment expenses like fuel and vehicle maintenance.
  2. Expedited freight. As the name implies, expedited service is express delivery. They take into consideration the urgency and special conditions of the delivery. Two similar freight services would be Hotshot Carriers that specialize in speedy local delivery of documents and spare parts, and Pick-up and Deliver Packed General Cargo that deliver to and from a location, granted that the goods are ready for pick-up and with someone receiving at the other end.
  3. Freight forwarders. These are companies that take shipments from different manufacturers to deliver it to their different clients all over the world. Manufacturers these days take this option because it is easier than to maintain their own set of delivery trucks to ship their goods. They can instead concentrate on making more of their products while the forwarders do their job in delivering by any means required.
  4. Inter-modal transportation. Such agences deliver by two or more modes of transportation, like from a truck to a boat. They provide you with lists of availability of equipment and schedules of transportation that will be needed to transport your shipment. These usually involve special Rail Freights that have cars built for the different types of services.
  5. LTL Carriers. Less Than Load cargo are the types that do not fill one standard size trailer and thus are usually loaded along with other cargo that is either on the same route or going to the same destination. A similar freight service to this one would be the Van Freight Service, which usually accepts deliveries for small businesses within a state.
  6. Refrigerated trucks, aka reefers. Reefers are specialized trucks or train cars that contain use nitrogen cooling to keep their deliveries fresh and safe. Most shippers that avail of this service are restaurants, agriculturists or hospitals. They are strict about the proper temperature of the delivery of a shipment, because it affects the quality of the product. New technology is constantly being provided for this type of freight service to improve the quality of transportation and to adequately satisfy customer needs.
  7. Tradeshow shipping services. This service specializes in tradeshow equipment transport. They provide tradeshow logistics to understand your shipping needs. For international shows, they can even assist you with customs and to arrange the necessary extra transportation from the airport to the tradeshow.

Freight services have different specialties and guidelines; so make sure that you inquire for the right type of freight before you avail of their services. Your delivery is their top priority, and your top priority is to make things efficient for you and your business.


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