How To Understand Different Identification Cards

An identity document or ID is a document or a card that is used to identify a person. There are different kinds of identity card available. They are used in schools, airports, work places and other institutions. Birth certificates and passports are also considered identification documents.

Here are some of the types of identification card that are in use:

  1. Social Security Card. The social security card is one of the most used forms of identity document when identification or verification of identity is needed. This is mostly used in employment. The social security card is used for tracking a person’s taxation records.
  2. Driver’s License. A driver’s license is a plastic identification card that is given to a person who has successfully completed the test for driving. There is a certain age limit in order for a person to be issued a driver’s license. A driver’s license is also used to verify the age of a person in locations such as night clubs. This is one of the cards that are often substituted with a fake card. These fake cards are usually made by underage teens with software or an ID maker.
  3. School or Work ID.  A school ID is given to the students of a certain institution. This will help identify if a person is enrolled in a school. There is also other information that can be found in a school ID, including the full name of the student, the student ID number, the grade level and the school’s name. A work ID is given to employees who are currently working in a certain office or industry. A work ID is used to determine which department the employee belongs to. In some cases, the ID of an employee can be used to enter the premises.
  4. Membership Card. A membership card is used to determine if a person is part of a club or an organization. This is issued to members of exclusive clubs and it gives the person the privilege to use facilities or enjoy certain services.
  5. Military ID Card. The Military ID card is a state card or national card that is given to members of the military. Holders of military cards are given these in order for them to have access to their benefits, especially for health care. Family members that are dependent on a member of the family who is part of the military may also receive a Military ID card.

These are some of the types of identification cards that are available. Most of these ID cards can be used to verify a person's identity. There are lots of instances when you will need an ID card to get certificates, benefits, privileges, prizes and other items. Most of the identification cards that may be shown to gain these benefits contain your picture. The picture ensures that you are the correct person to have the benefits. Having ID cards prevents cases of identity fraud.


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