How To Buy Typewriter Ribbons

The typewriter was an indispensable tool for professional writers and in the business world until personal computers were introduced. The word processor applications by which personal computers could offer a similar function are preferred nowadays for ease and convenience. With the technology, however, there are still some office tasks that only typewriters could perform. Typewriters are still popular in the developing countries and even some niche markets of developed countries.

Unlike the personal computer, a typewriter requires ribbon and other supplies to produce its printout. Due to demand, suppliers of typewriter ribbon and other accessories, such as Business-Supply, Office Supply Group, Rapid Supplies, HardSoff, Clean Sweep Supply among others and even freelance suppliers that advertise their goods on the internet are still doing business.

Business-Supply – Brother, Lexmark, Nu-Kote and Smith Corona are among the brands of typewriter ribbons and correction tapes that Business-Supply offers. These brands differ in prices, and it depends on the quality that the brand could offer. The Brother typewriter ribbon ranges from $4.50 - $6.50 while the correction tape ranges from $7.85 - $12.78. The Lexmark correctable film ribbon ranges from $8.42 - $10.42 while the Lift-Off Tape ranges from $10.20 – $25.32. The Nu-Kote typewriter ribbon and correctable ribbon were priced at $4.04 and $4.86 respectively, and its Lift-Off tape ranges from $4.15 - $5.52. The Smith Corona typewriter ribbon ranges from $7.99 - $11.02 while its Lift-Off tape ranges from $5.36 – $5.98.

Office Supply Group – This company offers the same brands of typewriter ribbon and correction tape as Business-Supply. With their stock, Brother typewriter Ribbon ranges from $5.04 - $11.99 while its Correction Tapes range from $7.87 - $14.49. This supplier has a starter kit from Brother that is priced at $42.41 and contains a ribbon and a correction tape. For the Lexmark correctable film ribbon, which is compatible with IBM typewriters, it is priced at $11.49. For the Nu-Kote Correctable Ribbon, its price ranges from $4.99 - $9.17, while its pack of 3 is priced at $15.29 and its pack of 6 is priced at $26.51. The single pack of Nu-Kote Lift-Off Correction Tape is priced at $10.80 while its pack of 6 is priced at $21.41.

Rapid Supplies – This supplier offers discounts for bulk orders, quantity discounts, and free shipping for an order over $75.00. Rapid supplies has a wide selection of typewriter ribbons, typewriter printwheels, typewriter correction ribbons and even typewriters themselves. The brands of typewriter ribbons and correction tapes that Rapid Supplies offer are Brothers, Lexmark, Nu-Kote and Smith Corona.

Clean Sweep Supplies – Sales are limited to Brother typewriters and their typewriter ribbons and other accessories. This supplier still others a good line of office supplies.

There are still plenty of suppliers of typewriter ribbons and other accessories that could easily be found through the Internet. Choosing the best supplier would depend on your location as well as the discount that the supplier could offer, most especially if you go for bulk purchases. These suppliers offer the same brands, and what you have to do in choosing where to buy is simply doing your mathematics. Purchase where you could have the best out of your budget. 


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