How To Understand Texas Gun Laws

Texas prides itself as being one of the most pro-Second Amendment states in the Union.  Texas is one of those states where you need very few, if any, permits to carry a gun as long as you are eighteen years of age.  You certainly do not need a permit to carry a shotgun or a rifle.  This is why hunters love the idea of hunting within the state of Texas.  You don't even need to register your shotgun or rifle with the state. This means that the state does not know what you own, and legally has no business in determining what you own.  You don't even need a license within the state of Texas to own a shotgun.  The state truly relies on one's personal responsibility when it comes to gun ownership.

The only major regulations within the state that deal with gun ownership pertain to handguns.  Two particular provisions within state law that you should know are: you do need a permit to own a handgun within the state of Texas, and giving a gun to a person you know is planning to commit an illegal act with that handgun is also a crime.

You can purchase guns with similarly loose restrictions in neighboring states such as Oklahoma.  In order for a gun to be sold to anyone under eighteen in Texas, a legally verifiable note has to be signed by the parent or guardian of the child.  This note has to give permission for the sale of the firearm. You are allowed to shoot someone who is caught trespassing upon your property within the state of Texas.  There have been several cases where serious injury or death has been caused by shootings of this nature, and in most cases the property owner is not charged with anything at all.

Questions regarding gun control still seep into the state politics of Texas today.  The upcoming Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate in Texas very well may come down to gun issues.  The candidates for the office are former State Comptroller John Sharp and current Mayor of Houston Bill White.  John Sharp has criticized Bill White for being a member of  the bi-partisan group Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  Sharp says that some of the group's objectives do indeed infringe upon the rights of law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights.  White refuses to resign from the group, saying that Sharp has purposely misled people on the objectives of the group.


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