How To Use a Xerox Machine

Since the first commercial where a business man was seated at a desk, and he asks his daughter to copy a piece of paper for him, the country has been hooked on Xerox copiers. In fact, the company itself and the general likeness of the country caused the name of the company to become a verb. Making a copy of a piece of paper through a copy machine can legally be called Xerox, as in "I'll xerox a copy of this for you." Using this machine has become a natural way of life for our society, and to not see one in an office space is almost as odd as not seeing a computer.

Most machines will have a flip top screen on the very top of the machine. Lift this up you'll notice a piece of glass. On one side of this piece of glass you'll see graduated green or black hash marks. These are the dimensions of the paper.

When you use a Xerox machine, you must understand they are doing their absolute best to make sure that anyone can use it. They use to advertise that "even a child can do it." Place the left side of your document against these hash marks, face down. I say face down meaning the side in which you want a copy should be faced down. Close the screen.

Now you must make sure there is paper in it. Look down to the bottom of the machine. If the machine is a waist level standalone machine, there should be two large squares at about your shine area. Each of these squares should have a handle or hole where you can put your fingers. Pull out the right hand square. There will be a rectangular compartment that will have paper or it won't. If it doesn't, put in the amount of paper that you want to put in. Do not fill it past the diagram that states how far you should fill it. This diagram sits right at the side of the device. Push the drawer back in and stand up.

Look down at the top of the machine and there should be a big green button; sometimes they are shaped like a little triangle, and others are a big round button. This is the start or copy button. Push this button. The Xerox copier will come to life and make a copy. You can now use a Xerox machine.


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