How To Buy Used and Cheap Steel Cabinets

Apartment cabinets

Quality need not always be costly. When planning to buy steel cabinets, it is practical to first ask around where you can avail of those that are slightly used. Some of these cabinets are still in good condition and have been barely scratched. After all, unlike wooden or plastic cabinets, steel cabinets were built to last and endure vast amounts of external pressure so it shouldn’t really make a difference whether or not it’s brand new as long as it can still serve its function.

Here’s how you can save a lot by choosing the thrift store option:

  1. Buying second hand. Second-hand furniture, slightly used or totally worn-out, has lost its market-value and can therefore only be charged at very low prices.
  2. Polishing. When you want steel cabinets installed in your kitchen, dining or living room, perhaps brand new ones will do much for aesthetics, but other than that, used ones can be just as good as their more expensive counterpart. Just a little dusting and polishing here and there, the stainless steel cabinets will have an exterior as good as new.
  3. Garage sales. When it’s just for garage storage the cabinet is needed for, go ahead and buy the cheap, used ones. Nobody will care much because anything found in the garage is not expected to look pristine.
  4. Installation. Because used steel cabinets are bought from commercial steel companies like Cole or Steel Systems, local second hand furniture stores will not charge you for the tiniest bit of service. You do not have the immediate option of having the steel company install them for you. You are then left to attend to the task on your own. You can hire just one or two men to do the job for you if you want, or better yet, ask your friendly neighbors to help you out. Cabinet installation doesn’t require superior skills; you’re perfectly able to do it by yourself.

Below are online sites that sell slightly used, cheap steel cabinets and other home and office furniture:

  1. Secondchance Office Furniture. This company sells new, used and built-to-order office furniture: steel and wooden filing cabinets with all steel drawers and steel shelves, bookcases, computer chairs and every sort of storage cabinets. They can help you design and repair your furniture. They have a page for specials where you can find photos and descriptions of used products that are sold for negotiable prices.
  2. supplies all second-hand furniture. Just click on the category on the right side of the screen and be brought to the specific catalogue of your chosen product list. They do business in mostly in the UK and you need to register as a member first before you are able to place an order.
  3. Service Portal is a buy-and-sell company that deals steel office drawers, cabinets, and second-hand office furniture. They are mostly the kinds used for filing and storing important documents and not for kitchen or bathroom use. Their main branch is located in the Philippines, but they also do business in Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and India.
  4. has everything you want for your steel shelving needs: fire-proof kitchen storage, office safes and steel drawers, steel bathroom cabinets, chairs and tables. Products are all cheap and slightly used but with a minimum order requirement of £200. They act as a medium for buyers and sellers to do their transactions. They do not offer a delivery service and collection of items is the buyer’s responsibility.


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