How To Use a Performance Appraisal Evaluation Form

The HR Officer or Manager has the dreaded task of preparing all the performance appraisal evaluation forms but the one who does the evaluation will usually be the direct supervisors. Performance appraisal is very important in an organization because it is imperative to maintain a highly motivated and good quality employees, and this is very important if you want to reach your long-term goals and objectives. In an organization, the most important asset is the manpower. The HR Department has to know if they have properly deployed qualified employees in the operations. The department has to know how to motivate the employees and this can be done through an interview. Performance appraisal should also be done if the organization wants to have self sustaining daily operations.

But first, what actually is a performance appraisal and why is it necessary to have an evaluation form? A performance appraisal or sometimes known as an employee appraisal is a process or a method in which the performance of an employee is appraised or evaluated usually in terms of quantity, quality, time and cost. The major purposes of this are to provide comments to your employees; recognize and identify whether your employees are in need of training; to provide a documentation criteria employed to allocate organizational rewards; create a basis or a guide for personnel decisions like promotions and salary increases; give the opportunity for the organizational examination or diagnosis for its progress and development; make possible the communication between the administration or the management and the employees; to validate and confirm the selection methods and HR policies and rules; and to be able to adhere to the federal Equal Employment Requirement needs.

Every performance appraisal course has a different presentation, approach, technique, etc. depending on the needs of the organization. This is where strategic management comes in.

It is also important for an organization to use a uniform evaluation form when conducting a performance appraisal to make sure that they have a consistent criteria and guidelines which can become the basis for future HR decisions. These forms will be kept in each employee files and some companies refer to this file as the Employee 201 file. The name differs from one organization to another though.

Performance appraisal should be thought of as a continuing developmental process rather than a formal monthly or annual review. It should be well monitored and closely monitored by both the HR and the employee to make sure that the targeted results and objectives are being met. There are actually a few things to remember before giving the evaluation to the employee:

  1. First, you have to make sure that you give the employee advance notice.
  2. Review mutually the unspoken and agreed expectations in connection to the job duties and the standards.
  3. Take a look at the job performance and compare them to the standards.
  4. Steer clear from paying close attention to a number of things from that job at the expense of the other.
  5. Make sure that you review the employee’s background which includes training, skills and experience.
  6. Concentrate on areas that are more important.
  7. Make sure to create a development plan that can include training and other projects.

Performance appraisal is a must for each organization whether profit or not profit organization because this will facilitate Total Quality Management, which means that your productivity will continuously improve in terms of quality and this creates a win situation both for the organization and the employee.


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